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My partner of 30+ years, Bob, goes in to Sunnybrook for double, possibly triple, bypass surgery Tuesday, January 24. We’ve known for some months that this was to happen. As a non-drinker, non-smoker who walks an hour a day & eats pretty well he is as fit as possible. His surgeon is one of the best in North America. Sunnybrook Cardiac is state of the art.

The surgery takes about 4 hours. I can call 3 hours after that for an update. He’ll be in ICU for at least 24 hours & if all goes well he’ll have a room by Thursday -which is when I can visit. I know as ‘family’ I can bully my way in but there’s no pressing need for me to get in their way. If he can he’ll phone on Wednesday anyway & perhaps I’ll be able to visit Wednesday night.

We are as prepared as we can be for any eventuality. The one preferred is him coming home in a week to continue enjoy a full life. The other possibility is making me sick to my stomach. The worry comes in short flare-ups as opposed to a constant fretting.

I can deal with small change but something this major is stressful. Not because I’m emotionally, mentally, spiritually weak but because somethings are hard to face. So hard no one is eager to face them.

They say a worry shared is a worry halved – so I’m talking about this pretty openly. Being strong and silent only leads to isolation and alienation – been there done that and it wasn’t the solution.

Your prayers, good vibes, candles lit – all welcome.

Started the edits of my Nano novel. This involves stitching the two parts together. In 2011 I wrote the second half of the novel I started in Nano 2010. Continuing made things simpler in some way – no need to create a new set of characters and circumstances – but also made it harder as I didn’t think there wasn’t another 50,000 words needed to tell the story.

I’m a “discovery” writer as opposed to an “outliner.” I do keep track of plot points as I discover to make sure I’m pushing ahead. I also don’t write in sequence – so sometimes I write things to connect scenes, or go back to put in what I need for new scenes to work. Some early things were changed considerably as I made discoveries about motivation, events.

I numbered each scene and then figure out where they fit the actual time and story line. Once I have the events in order I can tell how many days they will take. After I put in the edits I made in part 1 and I’ll get it printed out for the next round of edits. I can only do so much on screen before I have to have a physical copy to work with.

I’ve very quickly gotten use to my Kindle. I didn’t realize how unattached I was to the feel of book. Reading anything over 300 pages on public transit can be taxing with limited elbow room, needing two hands often to hold a book open – now I’m back to being a happy one-handed reader – I can have the entire Lord of The Rings cycle or the complete Dickens in my back pack & not have it break my back at the same time.

The next The Beautiful and The Damned is on Thursday Jan 12, 2012 with host: Rex Allen Baunsit, and features Jeff Cottrill, David Clink, Arlene Paculan.


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