Getting In NaNo Shape

Spent the past couple of days getting in shape for NaNo – sitting and typing for longer periods of time – it’s one thing to check email, music sites etc but another to write for long lengths of time – so I’ve been working on short stories – writing four pages in the morning as fast as I can – then proofing that later in the day & adding more to expand so that I end up with five to six pages – about 2000 words by the time I’m done –

This is the writing rhythm I want to maintain for NaNo – once I hit their 50,000 I may slacken off a bit if I think my story nearing its end – last year I hit the magic number by November 25 – what a relief that was – I could finally do something else with my day –


The best part of last year was when the characters and story took over – letting me know what was coming next – I was able to let go of what outline I had and change direction for what proved to be a much more interesting story line – I found I was writing fast and more when I let go –

This year I’m starting pretty much where I left off last year – there are things to fill in but I’ll leave that till I get to the end or if i find myself short of word count – I have plot threads to continue, some to wrap up and a family history to explore – some of these elements may end up edited into the first part when I get it all done –


As I did last year I’ll be posting my daily word count on Facebook – plus the NaNo site – their word count counter adds it up automatically plus tell me how many words a day I need to do to get to 50,000.

I had a couple of NaNo buddies last year but it doesn’t like they’ve signed on again for this year – so if anyone wants to add me look for TOpoet –


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