NaNo Week 1 (2011)

Pushing hard everyday has paid off. At 12800 words I’m actually ahead of where I was by day 7 of NaNo last year. some of the things I had realized by the end of NaNo last have helped me push along this year.


I do an initial two page blast first thing in the morning, after checking my email of course. I take a break, go for a walk, sometime grab a coffee then jump back in. Typing as fast as I can to music that I stop hearing when the flow gets going I push things to at least five pages and stop regardless of where I am in a scene. I don’t worry about spelling, grammar or even names of characters.

Another break and I go into what I have – clean up the abundant typos, put in names, make a few notes (check on etc). As I’m doing this I also keep a few things in mind – what are they wearing, where are they – in my initial blast I want to get the scene down and hit the plot points, now I can fit in some details – not every detail adds to plot but will flesh out character –


As movies aren’t filmed in sequence I decided that novels don’t have to be written in sequence either. That let’s me write scenes that I feel the need to get at now. Sitting down and thinking ‘well x has to come next’ is a stumbling block for me but if I think ‘what else do want to see happen’ opens doors –

The same way asking ‘what are they wearing’ can open doors – once I start the actual writing things can flow – writers write, not wait, for inspiration –


One thought on “NaNo Week 1 (2011)

  1. Thanks!! I too am writing scenes as they come to me versus in sequence. My biggest hindrance at this point is not dedicating time to write. I have let life run amok. Time to reclaim my writhing throne. Let them eat cake (because I’m no longer going to be cooking dinner)! LOL…

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