Jim Croce (sans porn’stach)

Reluctantly pushed myself away from my NaNo cage match to get out to The Beautiful and The Damned Thursday (Nov10) night at Zelda’s.

Trasharella hosted a great line-up – herself fresh from a police line-up in connection with a recent occupation at Holts. Channeling Odetta and Judy Garland she sang a couple of songs. I didn’t realize that the Don Jail was so good for the vocal cords.

nice hat
nice hat

First feature Heather Woods read from her two books – she captures the frenetic action  of roller derby so well I wanted to dig out my old skates (yeah sure, as if I’ve ever been on roller skates). Sonia Di Placido treated us not only to real cake but some fine samples of her work in ‘Vulva Magic’ and her up coming ‘Cadmium Red.’ She recently unearthed a Remembrance Day piece she wrote at the age of 13.

Music feature Myke Mazzei closed the show with a lively set of originals & covers. I’ve heard Myke a few times now & always enjoy his stage presence, talent & sideburns. On stage he has Jim Croce (sans porn’stach) vibe – open, warm and sense that he enjoys what he’s doing.

I picked up his cd “Fields’ recorded with ‘The Mod Villains’ – which has more of a Neil Yonge feel to it. Good sound quality. Strong material & who knows a Juno might be in his future. Good to have ‘Been Thinkin’ to replay at my leisure. Catch him if you have chance.

the red guitar
the red guitar

I have to confess that I made notes about my NaNo project while waiting for the show & even while performers were on stage. I did hit the open stage and read a short passage from my NaNo project this year.


 deeply seated

One thought on “Jim Croce (sans porn’stach)

  1. Ah, the porn’stach!! I *knew* I forgot something! 🙂 Thank you for checking me out, Duncan– and also for listening to the music! It is a good sign that it seemed to go over well. I thoroughly enjoyed your NaNo reading, as did the whole room for sure– I saw a number of salacious glints in peoples’ eyes for the first half, followed by the inevitable heartbreak of the 2nd half. Love how you bring it all around. Let me know whatever happens to this!

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