Supper in front of the TV

With my partner in hospital for two weeks, so far, and probably then another two weeks of Rehab I’ve been getting used to living on my own. The stress and travel in the first few weeks gave me little time or energy for much more than eating, sleeping and getting out to my usual recovery meetings.


I have managed to stick to a ten minute speed writing most mornings to keep my creativity in action. More than once I riffed on my stress and fears. Writing them without trying to edit or justify as I wrote made them less ominous and certainly loosened their hold on my thinking. I’m not sure if any of that writing transcends the therapeutic quality of it though.

The routine of my days is hospital visits every other day. Grocery shopping on my way home. Food lasts a lot longer with only one eating it. Home life alone isn’t all that ‘lonely.’ Supper in front of the TV watching artificial reality TV is fine by me – artificial reality includes the likes of Project Runway All Stars, Ink Masters, Face Off, Model Latina

As we end week two, medical things have settled down enough that I can get back to my NaNo editing. I might take in a couple of readings: Beautiful & Damned; Plasticine Poetry. I have loads of new, non-stressed, material to present. Though I expect people are going to want to hear more personal stuff about a chest being cracked open like a walnut shell, or how my frontal lobes felt like they were going to explode more than once. But that’s not entertainment.

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