Purple Plasticine Poetry

Took a break from my Lazarus Kiss (NaNoWriMo projects) edits to get out to Plasticine Poetry Sunday night. A full house with a dynamic features and equally open stagers.  I pulled out ‘Passing On’ another recent new piece to see if it actually works and it did. People identify with subway congestion. Gave ‘Working Out’ another recent piece, already read once at BuDa, another airing as well and it went over better than the first time. It’s all in the editing.


Cathy Petch sleep-deprived from her whirl-wind BC triumphs held her fractured sense of purpose together (just joking) to host a great line up.

First feature Lisa Richter, whose red beads & purple dresses gave her a sort of updated June Cleaver look, did a fun set of personal pieces. The material was rich with pop culture references from Bob Dylan to Nina Simon. Enjoyed sharing the memory of her grandmother as she ‘hula-hooped off to heaven.’


Next up was Marsha Barber – carrying on the purple with her top – she read from her book What is the Sound of Someone Unravelling which dealt with death and other domestic matters with sensitivity and humor. She writes about  personal loss without over-emotionalism in an understated way that touched us. The pieces had strong endings and fun, if long, titles ‘Reasons To Sleep With A Man: An Ode to the 1960’s” – the upside of death is that there are no more visits to the dentist.


During the pass-the-hat break I pushed myself to mingle and hand out Trek flyers to promo my hosting at BuDa and my two summer features. I find handing flyers with a bit of interaction makes it more likely people’ll take the flyer with them. Putting them on random tables usually turns the flyers into annoying debris or coasters.

Final feature was Martha Baillie who read sections from The Incident Report a novel structured as library incident reports. To continue the purple theme the first incident involved purple (or where they black) binders. The pieces were funny, affectionate and compelling. Some slipped from Dragnet style recounting of an event into unexpected lyric recollections of a life – one went effortlessly from a book on poisons to memories of sheep herding. A strong and delightful feature. I bought the book (I could only afford one or I would have bought all by the features.)

The evening ended with a rollicking open stage that I kicked off with sex on the subway and ended with Christian’s sex on the freeway. A good time was had by all.


here’s the sex on the subway piece I presented at Plasticine:

Passing On

people passing on the subway stairs

shoving in opposite directions

mobs of important people

with vital messages to deliver

struggle to get past each other

on stairs normally wide enough

but now suddenly congested

as more arrived who had to

get where they were needed to be

backpacks bag straps get caught

on arms shoulders elbows

push inch our bodies

in the right direction

if only we could get there

before it was too late

buttons become undone

coats were pulled open

shoes were lost

breasts where exposed

pants panties torn   bottoms bared

cocks brush other cocks

pussies momentairly entered

nothing can distract any of us

from the critical messages we have

from the goals we were required to fulfill

not even these glancing body contacts

we don’t have time to be responsive

to the tongues that lick us

to body parts that we lick

scarcely aware of genders

of brief squandered instants of penetration

as we work our way through the horde

some exit the stairs at the top

some at the bottom

pull together what remained of garments

and get on our way

to deliver important messages

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