Day 1 of #FanExpoCanada 2012

dive into it

Exited my house around 11 a.m. – made sure I had charged camera battery, wore sensible shoes, had knee brace for extended standing, the right play list on the iPod, reading Best New Werewolf Tales on Kindle in transit – off at Union Station – caraway rye bagel with herb garlic cream cheese from Bagel Works, then coffee & danish from Tim Ho’s, take pics of cosplay, put knee brace on –

Arrived in first line up by 12 noon – take pics of line-ups, blazing sun, finish danish, sip coffee, doors open at 12:30 for next-level-down line-ups – inside & one floor down – finish bagel – 1:15 let loose to next level down for next set of line-ups to pick up premium pass bags – finally on Expo main floor by 1:30 & final line-up for early entry – which happens shortly after 2.

what could it be?

My first sweep of things – too much to see & not enough $ – find the dvd stall & pick up some Tartan Asia Extreme: The Red Shoes; Pray; R-Point. search for graphic novel American Vampire 3, find it; pick up some Archie comics !! Archie’s Pal Kevin (the gay guy) hardcover & also special convention printing of the gay wedding issue. Picked up dirt cheap Lord of the Rings action figure. Exit Expo at 3 – 4 hours of walking & mainly standing more than enough work for me.

writing sample
writing sample

*The Mystery*

A man on his knees

on a downtown sidewalk

just out of the way

yet where he could be seen


mutters words of supplication

eyes open

looks out from himself

into the world around him


on the next street three women

on their knees pray

people in restaurants

slide to their knees

poets in coffee shops

after getting their double double



whisper prayers

in different words

in different languages

call to different entities


they are unafraid

of being seen as ones

who are willing to pray

when the feeling comes upon them


pulling over cars to get out

kneeling in buses

in movie theaters

with pop corn and soft drinks

balanced in their hands


reaching out for a moment

feeling the touch of something

sharing the touch of something


those that can’t pray turn away

as if seeing something

that should be done only in private

so as not to remind them

that some people have faith


those that pray often don’t know

what they have faith in

they feel the tickle of it in their blood

savor the taste of it

as they utter sweet words


once they stand

some don’t recall the moment of prayer

they know that even if the pause

can’t change the world

can’t end war in our time

for the moment of prayer

they can be changed

in the chaos

in the peace

in the lives around them


and that’s the mystery


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