Day 2 #FanExpoCanada 2012

me as an Archie character

Headed out for day 2 Expo at 10 – arrived by 10:45 – no major lines up to deal with today – other than folks blocking the aisles to take cosplay pics – seeing so many do that I resisted taking those pics – there’ll be enough of them – I remember my first Expo about four years ago – my niece & friend were coming from the east coast – wanted to stay with me – which was fine – I’d never been to Expo & by the time I knew about it all the super deluxe tickets were gone – I ended with the ordinary 3 day pass – I did take loads of pics that year –

Since then I’ve gotten the deluxe (tax deduction for me) – this is the first year that my niece hasn’t come up but I’m hooked. Some years I take in some of the Q&A – but I find three hours at Expo any one day more than enough – I was happy when they extended it to four days so I could do my two days without having to deal with those weekend crowds – getting around the place is hard enough without adding endless baby carriages & hand-held toddlers to the mix –

seeing double

Day One I scope out things & buy some stuff – day 2 I walk all the rows, pick up tee-shirts – seemed to be more sculpture & action figure booths this year – always love to see those fanboys cross-legged on the floor flipping through boxes of comics with a want-lists on hand.

I did my own fanboy squee for Dan Parent – a current Archie Comics artist – he did my portrait last year & I had another done this year – I became fan because of work he’s produced for gay characters & getting them married – issues banned in some parts of the USA – what I really liked is that he made them male (female is safer as hetero male readers find girl-on-girl erotic) & one of them is black – sweet.

Did my three hours of walking, sitting, almost got a pic of Superman taking a leak in the washroom but wasn’t ready to be that bold.

Totally digging Lizzie Violet’s  Best New Werewolf Tales – a great range of styles – legendary, old world, future world, zombies, erotica and comic – about 3/4 through now but so far all heterosexual – figures as everyone know how much gay men hate body hair 🙂

writing sample
writing sample

another hint of my Go Bump set:

*A Bite*

one morning there was a bite

an arc on my forearm

almost on my elbow

clear distinct human

top row bottom row

teeth marks

skin not broken

bruised red ridges indents

now where I could have done it

it wasn’t there when I went to bed


there was another bite

on my left heel

it was tender to the touch

another spot my mouth could never reach


then a final bite mark

on my inner thigh

I could still feel a mouth there

a tongue warm and wet

as teeth sank in

as if someone had

tried to devour me in my sleep


all day I found myself

rolling up my sleeve

just far enough to see the first mark

it hadn’t faded into a pink rose

it was still there

an red angry smear


when I got home

the others were also there

as if something had a hold of me all day

I checked the mirror carefully

had I missed one

did they make a pattern

they didn’t glow in the dark

they didn’t throb

there was no pain

only the sensation of my hand

when I touched them


weeks later

years later

they are still there

and despite them

there is never less of me


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