Back to school changes even the lives of those with no kids, or need to go back to school themselves. I live in a hub of schools – at least 8 within walking distance of my place. The start of term means more police cars driving up and down our laneway, fresh tags on our garage door and clumps of smoking teens by the little store that only opens for the school term (2019 note: closed a few years ago).


Some years I sign up for some sort of fall workshop – past years have been the UofT poetry master class, Jacob Scheier’s writing about loss at Ryerson, Spoken Word with Andrea Thompson at OCAD – this year I twigged (thanks to Lizzie Violet) to an Allan Turner workshop: Make-a-Scene – it is lead by a zombie clown, so my spoken-word might become spooken-word in time for my Go Bump set in October. Best part is that The Centre of Gravity Circus Training Studios is a ten minute walk from my place – another neighborhood school to add the the list. (2019 note:Gravity has moved to 2019 noteQueen W.)


another of the Montaigne prompt pieces:

Of the Arms of the Parthians 66

we had sand

they had rocks

we got bigger rocks

they got sticks

we got tree trunks

they got nets

we got brick walls

they got clear plastic shields

we got radioactive particle dispersers

they got hot woman

we got french ticklers

they got hand guns

we had hand grenades

they took no prisoners

we made no bargains

they had hidden snipers

we had secret agendas

they televised our every move

we learned to moonwalk

they had night vision goggles

we had X-ray specs

they killed on sight

we dressed to kill

they had satellite surveillance

we leaked their every cellphone call

they got mirrored armor

we used mirror balls and dj’s

they got bass and drum

we went tribal on their sorry asses

3 thoughts on “Make-A-Scene

  1. You are my inspiration. When I feel like I just want to take a break, I read your newsletter and I realize how much there is for me to do to pursue my dreams. Your poem epitomizes the classic competitive dialog which occurs inside of me before I surrender. And sometimes it takes a long time.

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