City Of Valleys

night of the pink guitar

night of the pink guitar

I planned to start the year by working on my Nano 2011 novel – The Lazarus Kiss. Lots of editing to tackle to get in shape for probably smashwords. But I wanted to hone those edit skills a bit – so I pulled out my first, pre-NaNo novel – City Of Valleys to practice on. It runs, at this point, over 130,000 words and has already under gone at least 4 drafts.

fireside chat

fireside chat

It is loosely inspired by Valley Of The Dolls – my take is about 4 gay guys caught up in the arts scene in Toronto. One a boy-band member, another a fashion designer, another a writer and the final character is the actor. The story arc starts in May with the new boy in town and follows their interwoven lives to Pride the following June. Like Dolls there is lots of soap, struggle, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll . There is arson, stalking, blackmail and murder.

silver chair

silver chair

I plan to blog it here – in approx. 1500-1600 word chunks. Comments welcome & please hit the Like button so I’ll know people are reading it.

City of Valleys now removed for prepublication work.

tweety and friend

tweety and friend

2 thoughts on “City Of Valleys

  1. I particularly like how you set up your sample writing in small entries of each person. I find it difficult to read in a “linear” manner (from front to back) so to have a short story on each character enhanced my enjoyment. The pictures? Just luv’ em. 🙂

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