snow bound bike
snow bound bike

New Flash: Very cold in Toronto!! Who would expect it to be cold in January? Other news flash: people are getting sick. A flu epidemic – gasp. Another reason, for me, to avoid public transit like the plague carrier it is. I did come down with a bit of a head cold but getting through it.

Winter means less evening activity for me. When it takes me as long to get bundled up to go out as it does for me to get where I’m going I ask myself – do I really want to go anywhere? How much time do I want to spend sitting around at a readings in my coats sweaters long-johns, winter boots. Most venues are designed for people who don’t have coats to hang up – so there is nowhere to actually put winter wear.

So I haven’t been to a reading since the Damned earlier this month. Plasticine got postponed, Toronto Erotica got canceled (flu struck down our fearless leader). I am determined to get to Q Space Sunday night.

snow shoes
snow shoes

I started in on Lazarus Kiss edits by going over the notes & suggestions I got on the first 30 pages that I submitted for critique to Bloody Words. I haven’t looked at the comments till now. Lots of commas to drop in. I’m expecting to cut enough that I can then add more to the mythos part of the story. I also have notes from the parts I workshopped at Loyalist in the summer – so I’m not flying solo on some of it. I hope to keep it at about 90,000 words when I’m done.

crystal iced
crystal iced

Gearing up for my feature at the end of February. It’ll be an encore of the Brown Betty set I did at the Art Bar, with a few changes. So many people raved about the pieces I felt it was time to do it again. This time I’ll be having Myke Mazzei do a sound recoding of it, plus I hope to get a video of the set. Time for some new YouTube clips.

ice crystals
ice crystals

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