sweet mystery of love

airy condos
airy condos

Seems it’s actually snowing in February here in Toronto – can we blame global warming? It has been a fairly productive week – tweaked graphics for the Brown Betty show at the end of the month. Picked a couple of new pieces to add to the mix.

Working on this month’s “Bradbury” – found out in January writing a story a week wasn’t going to happen, so settled for writing one a month instead. Even writing nearly every day the January creature feature story wasn’t fully finished – I wrote hints of what is needed to finish it off. The February story is in a different genre – queer men making out with a brush of fetish that might make it erotica – nothing like a leg cast to get someone hot, eh?

noisy neighbours?
noisy neighbours?

Lazarus edits moving along slowly though. I need more sunlight, I guess but once I get focused I’ll race through them – I have to decide how realistic I have to make it or if I can let the ‘supernatural’ aspects allow my cursed hero to experience taser differently from the average person? I’ll have to develop the curse’s mythos a bit more to account for that & want to do that without info dumping. If all goes well I be ready to smashwords it by the end of the summer.

empty nest syndrome
empty nest syndrome

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