#Sucks and #Swallows

I got stood up for a ‘date’ on the weekend. Something that was once an event that sucks but now … such is life. Sex and getting it, no long rules my life or even my sense of self. Not that I don’t enjoy opportunities when they present themselves, but the search – the seeking of opportunity no longer swallows all my time.

get yer skates on
get yer skates on

He was some guy who texted me on a gay ‘dating’ site and was very eager about meeting up, etc. etc. I take the whole process with an amused grain of salt. I’ve seen the same cock shots on different sites for different men apparently living not only in different cities but different continents. Yes I’ve looked – nothing warms up a sub-zero day like gazing at men in Brazil.

Guys on line are liars – who is shocked by that? I’m sure women are just capable of being dishonest – posting pics of when they weighed 2o pounds less, that are also ten years old. This is what happens.

composition in greens
composition in greens

I ‘run’ into guys who want to meet ‘now’ as long as ‘now’ is same time tomorrow; or who only want oral and get pissed off when you won’t flip for them; or guys who are eager but only for times you’ve already made it clear you aren’t available.

bus stop discorporation
bus stop discorporation

So getting stood up doesn’t faze me that much. I have a big life – sex is something that I fit into it but doesn’t stop for it either. I always have something to do. The guy did send an apology the next day but by then I had already moved on – I have a novel to finish – that’s always more satisfying.

can I get a menu
cold cafe service

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