Age Appropriate Attire

On one of my too many FB pages someone posted about men dressing age appropriate – mainly regarding what brand names are suitable for what ages – let’s face it no man over fifty looks sane in a Sailor Moon tee-shirt, even at ComicCon – but could he, or should he try for Abercrombie and Finch, or Kappa?

decnoir13the Noir shirt

Each generation has fads: bell-bottoms or uber baggy below-the-ass jeans – that go from passé, to retro, to collectable & finally show up on the Antiques Road Show. But I put my leisure suits to rest when I had leisure time.

My only ‘comment’ was that I’ve stopped wearing sweats (matching or otherwise) in public. Being a fan of What Not To Wear I know that what we present to the public is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. That ‘People who judge me by my looks are superficial and never get to know the real me’ attitude often comes from people who judge you by your looks.

I wear what I’m comfortable in – I stopped caring about brand names years ago – if I like the color and the logo doesn’t pull focus from my face, too much, I’ll buy it. I have learned not to pair a flashy tee with a flashy shirt – one or the other. I’m not afraid of color either though I have let go of neon anything – just not flattering for my skin tones.

triothe timeless cosplay look

In Toronto I find it more important to dress weather appropriate. I have a friend, over 50, who clings to his skinny jeans and gripes that thanks to his arthritis it too cold to walk across the street. I choose not to suffer for fashion.

cautioncaution: no white after labour day

Oddly enough one of my frequent photo subjects is discarded clothing. Maybe what gets cast off tells  more about us as people than what we wear.

o superman

o superman

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