Sex Magick Quarterly

Taking a little break from City of Valleys excerpts to toss up ‘Sex Magick Quarterly’ one of my ‘Bradbury’ stories. As some of you know I’ve been trying to write a short-story a week – which hasn’t happened but I do have some completed. ‘Sex Magick Quarterly’ is the most developed so far.

ice muffin fishin'
ice muffin fishin’

My main problem has been getting too bogged down with back-story. In Magick this started to happen – Hogsy’s family life; the pals’ school history; both wanted to run away with the story. But I kept in mind that the story wasn’t about family or school. Not easy to stay so narrow focused.

blue bottle flies
blue bottle flies

I also opted to let the names do more work for me – Jimp, Chowda, Hogsy – are names that create a sense of person, even ethic hints, without crowding the plot out with extraneous information.

This version is still half-baked, mind you. I’ve given it a spell-check & such but haven’t created all the linking passages for continuity or ironed out any of the inconsistencies.

yummy yellow snow
yummy yellow snow

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a short story
a short story

Sex Magic Quarterly

Jimp and Chowda crowded around the cash register of the corner store while Hogsy put the magazines into his knapsack.

Jimp and Chowda teased the woman behind the counter.

“Hey Ma’am looking sweet today.”

“How much are the smokes this week”

“I don’t’ really need an i.d. do I?”

‘“Yeah, We look old enough don’t we.”

They talked quickly. Not pausing for her to fully answer one question before going to the next one.

“You married?”

“You like to play around wid a couple of young studs?”

“I’ll be fifteen next week. That’s old enough, isn’t it?”

Hogsy pushed through them to pay for the one magazine in his hand.

“Hey watch who you shoving asshole.” Chowda slurred.

“You wand a piece of this?” Jimp toyed with his crotch. “You look like the dype. Guys who read love to suck …”

“Shut it.” Hogsy snarled as he waited for his change. He exited the store.

He walked quickly to the nearest streetlight, crossed to the park and found a bench to sit. He leafed through the skate board magazine he had purchased.

“Hey, fadso.” Jimp grabbed the magazine and flopped beside him on the bench. Chowda gabbed Hogsy’s knapsack and sat next to him.

“What we get this time?” He began to pull magazine out of it.

Hogsy took his bag back.

“The usual.” He took the magazines out one at a time. “You know they don’t carry the really hot stuff there.”

Hogsy had met Chowda in grade four and they had had been friends since. They were in the same class for a couple of years in a row till the school got wise and split them up in grade seven. Now in grade ten they were even in different schools. That had been Jimp’s parents doing.

Hogsy met Jimp in grade eight and he fit in with them like the legendary dirty sock.

“It was your fault we can’t go to 77’s anymore.” Hogsy said to Jimp.

“How was I know?” Jimp shrugged. “Not my faud she thought I said dyke when I said bike.”

“Jerk.” Chowda reached over to gave Jimp a shove.

“Speech imp’dmend don’t make me a jerk. Jerk.” Jimp shoved Chowda.

“Hey.” Hogsy clutched at the magazines that Chowda’s move dislodged from his hands.

“Babes” landed on the ground in front of them, flopping open to show a naked woman stepping out of a bath tub. Naked except for some soap foam between her legs.

“Man I’d lub to give her a rinse.” Jimp scooped the magazine up.

“The System works again.” Hogsy boasted. They had started ‘The System’ a couple of years ago. Hogsy would always arrive at the the chosen store separately from Jimp and Chowda. Sometimes before sometimes after. His two buddies would always be loud, playful and distracting, picking on him as much as the clerk. The clerk’s never suspected they were in cahoots.

While they kept the clerk occupied he would fill his backpack with magazines but always buy at least one. They did this routine at several different stores but never hit any one of them for more than two Systems a year.

“So wad did ya get?” Jimp asked.

“Besides Babes. There’s a Cali Gals and Turbo Times for you.” He handed Chowda the magazines. “Lace & Leather and Knock Men for you Jimp.”

“Yea!” Jimp flipped open Knock Men as the other two snickered.

“Wad! Just cause its a comic book don’ mean its for kids. Dook!” He flashed a page of one of the Knock Men peeling the clothes off a busty woman.

“I’d rather look at photos of the real thing.” Chowda ran his thumb over the buttocks of the Cali Gal center fold.

“And this.” Hogsy took the last magazine out of his backpack. “Sex Magick.”

On the cover was a busty, scantily clad model dressed as a witch. Her cleavage glittered in the sunlight. The three boys stared intent at the glitter.

“Wow.” muttered Jimp. “Deep. Led me know when we’re gonna hid bottom.”

Hogsy felt his foreskin itch as the cleavage held his look. He wanted to look away to see what effect it might be having on his pals but he couldn’t.

A cellphone rang. The spell was broken.

“That’s my mom,” Hogsy got out his cell “Hey Mom! … Yeah I’m on my way home now…. Yeah see you in a bit.” He put the cell in a pocket of his backpack. “I gotta get home.”

He put the skate board magazine in his backpack along with Sex Magic.

“Who says you get that one!” Chowda reached for it.

“Look I took the risk.  I got you guys what you wanted didn’t I? This one is my pick.”

“Yeah but …” Jimp glanced at his take. “You god the best one.”

“When I’ve read it I’ll pass it along.” Hogsy zipped his backpack.

Chowda pulled the knapsack from him. “That’s not going to happen! “Look, I got you your CaliGals. And Jimp his comic books.”

“Dey are not comic books. Besides widout us all you’d’av is that Skateboard crap. You don’t even have a skateboard.”

Jimp snatched the backpack from Chowda. “Any more dan you’ll go to Cali.”

He unzipped it and pulled out the magazines Hogsy had stuffed into it. The sun glinted on the Sex Magick cover. The boys were silent.

“Let’s just take look inside.” Jimp begged.

“Okay Okay. Let’s get going before my Mom calls again.” Hogsy said.

As they walked Hogsy resisted the cleavage to look at the rest of the cover. It announced:

“Sex Magick Quarterly Volume 12, Issue 3

This issue’s pull-out sections

new spells for




He flipped it open. The cover was heavier stock than most magazines but the inside paper was of a lower, coarser quality. All the pictures were in black and white. The font was more like handwriting.

“Fuck,” Jimp snorted. “No color pics. Shid you can keep id.”

“Yeah, well … I’d still to take a look at it.” Chowda reached for it.

He yanked it out of Hogsy’s hand and it fell to the sidewalk. Each of the pull out-sections came loose. On the front of each was a different version of the quarterly’s cover picture. The witch was naked in each with different parts of her body glittering. Chowda grabbed the one on Transformation because it drew his eyes to between her legs; Jimp automatically took the one on Familiars because the sparkle on her nipples held him; Hogsy had the one on Expansion where her eyes seemed endlessly deep.

When Hogsy got home he stashed his magazines in a box under his bed. All though supper he itched to read whatever it was the Sex Magick had to say.

“How’s school?” His mother asked.

As Hogsy ate he felt the witch’s eyes burning into him. They seemed to be everywhere he look.

“What’s with you?” His Dad asked. “Answer your mother.”

“Nothing. Thinkin’ bout homework.” He said.

“Yeah, sure.” His mother gave a little laugh. “Who you chatting with online?”

“No one. Jez Mom!” He felt an ache in his groin. “Can I go now!”

“You in trouble again at school?”

“No Dad. You saw the last report.”

“He is doing much better.” His mother said.

Back in his room Hogsy propped open his history text. The Sex Magick pull-out fit perfectly under it so he could read it and hide it fast if someone came into his room

The witch’s glittering eyes danced on and off the page. They seemed to be in 3D. He held the cover at eye level and tilted it this way and that to see what sort of printing technique they had used. Tt had to be some sort of laser print. The eyes darted in a way that made him open the insert.

The first page was an introduction to the use of the spell. He skimmed it. As he skimmed it the print got smaller toward the bottom of the page. It was stuff about getting the right implements, taking take to clear one’s mind. Stuff he didn’t care about.

The weird font and odd use of language also made it difficult for him to understand exactly what was being said then it became another language all together.

“Nam drim incagto Hogsy fridamo.” He was amazed to see his name right there in the spell. He looked away, rubbed his eyes and looked back. Yep it said Hogsy alright!

There was whole paragraph which he felt compelled to say out loud. The words felt odd as he stumbled them but when he read it a second time it flowed and he felt he actually understood what it said. His name only appeared in that one place. After the third time his eyes became heavy and he fell asleep at his desk.

He woke out of a wild sex dream. He was with the witch on the cover making out in a huge, endless bed. The bed was like the beach. She kept touching his cock and balls with her tongue while talking to him. She was speaking in the same language as the spell. He was forced awake by the need to piss.

When he woke he was in bed. He didn’t remember leaving his desk. His cock throbbed with pee pressure and he rushed to the bathroom.

He was struggled with his fly on the way to the bathroom to get his cock out before he pissed his pants. It felt like his underwear had gotten twisted around and all bunched up around his nut sack.

He kicked the bathroom door shut behind him and pushed his jeans down. He could believe what he saw. His cock was big. He was dizzy looking at the size of it. He began to piss and the stream was dark yellow and he was missing the toilet. Pee was splashing off the rim, on to the floor and walls.

He was afraid to touch his cock but had to keep it aimed. How could it grow that much over night? What took one hand to aim now took two. Yesterday he could get his hand around the shaft now it was like trying to get his hands around a … a football.

What the fuck was going on? As he pissed it began to return to normal size till it was the cock he was familiar with.

There was a knocking on the bathroom door as he cleaned up the pee damage around the toilet.

“Come on Harold.”

“Hold your horses Mom.”

He needed to wash his hands but also wanted to get out of there before his mother barged in as she was wont to do.

He pushed past her and went back to his room.

There he got out of the jeans and tee-shirt he had fallen asleep in. He turned on his desk lamp, sat in the chair and looked at his cock. It was the one he was familiar with but it was definitely larger than he remembered it to be.

“Come on!” his mother called. “Get a move on if you want a drive to school this morning. It can’t be that hard to pick out a clean tee-shirt and hoodie.”

“Jes mom give a minute will ya.” he shouted back.

He dashed to the bathroom to wash his face and hands, then back to his room to get dressed.

“There is clean in your dresser.” His mom called to him.

“Okay. Okay.” He’d gotten into the habit of wearing the same things over and over. Sometimes she’d even come into his room when he was asleep to get the clothes he’d been wearing to force him to change his clothes. Tee-shirt, socks, undies, jeans. The jeans were tight. Very tight. The harder he tried to make his cock fit into them the bigger it seemed to get.

“What the fuck.” he muttered as he got the fly zipped. A quick look in the mirror and he saw he had a noticeable bulge even in his baggy assed jeans.

He did his best to hide his growth spurt from his mother by holding his knapsack in front of him and keeping it on his lap in the car till he got out at the school student drop off.

He looked around for Jimp and Chowda but couldn’t spot them. He couldn’t keep carrying his backpack in front of himself either. He reluctantly tied his jacket around his waist hoping the knotted arms would camouflage his bulge. The more he worried about it the tighter it felt in his jeans.

He’d popped a woodie at school before but never one this size.

He made his way to his first period class. He put his backpack on top of the desk for cover as he tried to wedge himself into the seat.

His cock was jammed uncomfortably as he squirmed to fit it under the deck’s top.

“Fu …” he said under his breath. There was plenty of room for his stomach but none for his newly expanded package. Expanded! That was that spell he’d read.

The morning was hell for Hogsy. Several students noticed his bulging package. He found the less he thought of it the less it throbbed or grew. But when his cock got hard he felt faint; his hands tingled and got cold as if the blood was being drained from them into his cock. Was it turning into some sort of vampire dick that would suck all the blood out of him to keep growing? He longed to get home to find that spell to see if there was a way to undo it.

At lunch he went to the Pizza Pound where he always met up with Chowda and Jimp.

He was ordering his favorite slice when Jimp came in, two cats following close behind.

“Get them out of here!” the clerk snapped.

“They ardn’t mine.” Jimp pleaded. “They folloded me here and I dan’t get rid od them.” He sneezed. “Set off my allerdies, too.”

The cats rubbed around his ankles. One tried to jump up onto his shoulder but he deflected it with the back of his hand.

Hogsy opened the door as the clerk and another customer tried to shoo the cats out. One of the cats hissed and scratched at them. The other then jumped up onto the clerk’s back and began to scratch at her neck. Another two cats slipped into the store.

The clerk jerked up and the cat went flying off her back and into the  middle of a pizza a group of students were eating at one of the tables.

The clerk pushed Jimp and then Hogsy out the front door and the cats followed. The cats continued to wrap themselves around Jimp’s feet and ankles, trying to jump onto his shoulders.

“What the hell!” Jimp said trying to untangle his feet as they walked along.

“Yeah.” Hogsy said. “You think you got problems.” He lifted his jacket enough to show off his enlarged crotch.

“Whad!” Jimp gaped. “That for real?”

“Yeah, overnight.”
“You think it might have something to do with this?” Jimp yanked his Sex Magick section out of his back pocket. The four cats sat and stared up at them.

“Hey! Wait for me guys.” They heard Chowda shouting to them.

They stopped and looked around to see where he was.

Across the street all Hogsy could see was a very pretty girl jumping up and down waving. Some students leaving the Pizza Pound waved back to her.

“Now that’s a rack.” Jimp said staring at the waving girl. As she waved her breasts bounced hypnotically.

“For sure.” Hogsy’s cock ached as it swelled.

“It’s me! Over here.”

They could hear Chowda but couldn’t see him. The girl with the big boobs was blocking their view of him.

The lights changed and she ran across the street.

“Isn’t that Chowda’s favorite hoodie?” Jimp asked as she got closer.

Before Hogsy could answer his jeans tore open with a loud rip. His raging cock bounced out. The cats hissed and one of them was ready to claw it when the girl pushed it aside.

“Look what’s happened to me!!” Chowda’s voice came out of the girl.

(Sex Magick Quarterly is a fictional magazine – I cobbled together the cover logo.)

brokeback snow bank
brokeback snow bank

City of Valleys returns Monday.

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  1. Really enjoyed this. Wasn’t expecting the ending and couldn’t wait to read through it. Love the names and the language. The pictures are so funny. Cover logo is really good, wow. Thanks Duncan.

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