Poet in Theory

Being a poet, to most people is acceptable in theory, but when it becomes real – i.e. listen to this new piece or come to my feature – it becomes less interesting. In some ways a lot like being gay – many people accept it in theory but please don’t make it a reality by kissing in front of me, or especially the children

dreamer under the rim
dreamer under the rim

Today, in some countries, poets are considered so dangerous they are imprisoned. I can’t imagine that happening in North America. Though I wonder what is worse – physical punishment or a dismissive shrug of ‘who give a shit about a poet.’

a dream awakens
a dream awakens

I have the double whammy – gay poet. If my work isn’t political enough I’m not radical enough, if it’s too political I’m whining, if it’s too sexual I’m just another sad gay man talking smut and feeling sorry for himself.

I’ve also found that when guys on online ‘dating’ sites say they want to know more about me sending them a link to my youtube channel results in never hearing from them again. I guess being what I say I am is just too honest.

truck of dreams
truck of dreams

I’m not complaining just commenting – because ultimately it doesn’t mean shit to a tree anyway. I don’t write for acceptance, tolerance, approval or even for fame & fortune (I’m not delusional). I write because I write.


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