I’m Not The Answer

sandels no sand
sandals no sand

I jumped right into poetry month. I think last year I was in the thick of some prose diversions. I’m posting a new fresh piece every day on both my FB page & on Make Spoken Word Go Viral. Viral has also been offering a daily prompt. I like a good prompt even more than a nice … well anyway …

bag'em & tag'em
bag’em & tag’em

On my FB page I’ve also been pairing the piece off with a photo, usually of mine & usually one that sort of relates to the poem. The posts stay up about 24 hours & get deleted before I post the next. Catch’m while you can.

one free booted
one free booted

Here’s one from earlier this week:


I was ready

to meet you half-way

I stood a moment there

on the stairway

you were nowhere to be seen


I couldn’t deny

what my eyes told me

only your footsteps

in the snow

after the moment

I made my own tracks


I was too cold to waste

anymore time on you

I’m not the answer

to anyone’s prayers


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