The Cool Jerk of Joy

Cool Jerk of Joy 1: I put a little pot with a parsley plant in it on my kitchen window sill in the fall in hopes it would last the winter. It got browner & browner & I guess it didn’t make it – but a few morning glory seeds must have fallen into the soil & the vines began to grow – sort of pale green but they grew. Then quite unexpectedly it bloomed. The will to live can be astonishing.

April morning glory joy
April morning glory joy

Cool Jerk of Joy 2: One of the cool things for me about WordPress is the stats page – I never get enough hits to satisfy me but when I check the geography of hits I find that in the past 30 days my page has been looked at by people in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Pakistan. Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Thailand, Republic of Korea, France, Germany, Turkey, Mexico & Australia! Now that’s encouraging.

San Francisco joy
San Francisco joy

One of the WP pages I was subscribed to closed – the blogger didn’t feel she was getting enough attention, so why bother. I know how she feels. When I check someone else’s page I usually hit the like button, often make a comment, just so that they’ll know someone, anyone, was there. For the ones I get email notice of, I always click through to the actual page so they at least get another hit.

The Cool Jerk of Joy

the baristas were doing the Latin boogaloo

steamed milk foam spraying the air

they didn’t care

any more than the

bulk barn clerks doing the Harlem shuffle

tossing cans of cat food

to the subway collector

doing the moonwalk in his booth

roger’s cable guys

tearing off a quick gavotte

around break-dancing skate boarders

jitter bugging news reporters

covering the story

of dirty dirty sliding short-order cooks

cha-cha-ing construction workers

dental hygienists doing the hula

bumping into Viennese waltzing roofers

poets a-pogo

obstetricians lost in a tango

and me entangled in the cool jerk

getting the L out of Loyalist
getting the L out of Loyalist
orange you glad
orange you glad

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