My Lazy Self

So far, of my poetry posts this month ‘Overcome’ has gotten the most FB ‘likes.’ It has been quite unpredictable what posts will get response but I guess this one hit a chord with lots of people. It still needs a bit more work but I’m too lazy right now to do it 🙂

The photo is one I took my first year at Rosemary Aubert’s Loyalist workshop – I thought the broken slab was such a fitting symbol of how a workshop can push you past your lazy self. If you’ve never taken the Loyalist workshop I’d highly recommend it. Great price and a great leader/teacher in Rosemary. I’ve already registered for this year’s Fiction Writer’s How To.

broken barricades at Loyalist
broken barricades at Loyalist


my greatest enemy is my lazy self

it once made me easy to discourage

let me claim that barricades held me back

when in fact

I was happy to be held back

happy to have something to blame

doing nothing was easier than striving

of having to maintain

any level of productivity   of quality

it took more persistence

to overcome my lazy self

than it did to develop the skills I have

turned out my fear of success

was a fear of putting in the effort

regardless of how it turned out

a corner was turned when I saw

opportunity as the pay off

not some transitory recognition

fall of the empire
fall of the empire

My personal favorite, so far, has to be ‘Nature – A Rant’ mainly for the sultry, surreal, slutty image that starts it: ‘dark as a wet question mark/ and hung like a hunch that paid off’ – I wrote this one at the new Starbucks at Queen W/Ossington  while having a morning snack before showing up at 1001 for one of the many brain rental studies I do.

Starbucks have been expanding like crazy – there are at least 4 now within a 10 min of 1001 Queen W. They also seem to be popping up near high-schools – Gerrard & Jones; Plains & Coxwell – hook ’em while they’re young. Even in Target.

honk if you love BJesus
honk if you love BJesus

Nature – A Rant

he was as dark as a wet question mark

and hung like a hunch that paid off

we let nature takes it course

some still say it’s unnatural

as if the car is natural

after all

Jesus pretty much walked everywhere

sure the scriptures say

he drove the money lenders from the temple

but by no stretch of convenient translation

or imaginative interpretation

can anyone claim he drove them

in a Lexus or a

’62 Dodge pick-up

and speaking of unnatural

that hair color sure ain’t found in nature

nor is that toilet paper

you’re so fond of

so the next time

my being unnatural

gives you sleepless nights

be comforted knowing

that I don’t drive a car

and oh yes

before I play that hunch

I don’t give a shit

jumpin' jive

jumpin’ jive

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