Ice Ice Coffee, Baby

shuffled off this mortal coil
shuffled off this mortal coil

Wearing shorts in the sun at last! Once I get used to Danforth patios I’ll enjoy summer. Neither car exhaust or wasps add to my dining pleasure. Each year they get a little larger – if someone stops to talk a friend on a patio pedestrians have to walk in the street to get by – sometimes there is no way to give a baby carriage right of way without jumping on to some diner’s table. And as much as bike’s are good for the planet, I won’t get out their way on the sidewalk when that means pushing that woman with the baby carriage into the street to make way for it.

condo to let
condo to let

Of the many things I enjoy about summer is iced coffee. Last year after getting my first of the year at Starbucks – a venti – I was struck that after a few slurps all that was left was ice – clear ice – a glass that was brim full of ice. So that was, like, an ounce of milky coffee poured over ice?

traces of hair were found at the scene
traces of hair were found at the scene

I got to thinking that wasn’t cost effective for me. I brewed a pot of coffee at home, let it cool, then filled a couple of ice cube trays with it – coffee will freeze!! It doesn’t separate out either. I brewed another pot of coffee – chilled that in the fridge. Voila – perfect & real iced coffee. Never again will I pay for watery cold coffee.

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