#Movies and #Me

I watch a lot of movies but it has been years since I’ve been inside a theatre. I can’t tell you how long or what the last film was I saw. The last few times I was dismayed by the sense of entitlement shown my some in the audience who mocked those who shushed them when on their cell phones – it was as if being annoyed by someone texting or talking on a phone was your problem, not theirs.

garden store aches for spring
garden store aches for spring

At one multiplex getting through the arcade park was half the battle, then finding the actual theatre was the next challenge, plus the search for a washroom – though I guess there’s an app for that sort of thing these days 🙂

bow under dusty miller
bow under dusty miller

Over-priced snacks (this is where theatres make their money not on the movies), endless trailers, commercials – at least at home I can zap though the commercials, or hit mute – all contributed to my loss of interest in going to the movies. One of the final straws is volume – I suppose to drown out people babbling on their phones they pump up the volume. When I saw one of the Matrix movies my ears where ringing for a couple of days.

dead end table
dead end table

I’ll wait for the DVD – I’m old fashioned enough for DVD’s but know that too is going the way of the paperback. I guess I have control issues – at home I can stop the picture when I want, fast forward when the chase scene goes on too long rewind if I missed a line or two, even replay that skinny dipping scene, hit pause for Brad Pitt’s several one-frame nude appearances Fight Club.

burn that cksckr down  Pride2012
burn that cksckr down

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