The Iconic C**k

more toys in the snow

A couple of people have asked why I’m not posting as much poetry these days – mainly so I can concentrate on getting City of Valleys posted before summer. But here’s one of The Doors pieces I read on the open stage at Plasticine this past Sunday.

Saint Jim

Pere Lachaise

section six section seize

‘seize the moment in section six

you have to seize the moment

saiser l’instant’

Jim starts a new song

‘you have to seize the moment

in section six’


I can hear him shout

through stage fog strobe lights

teeny bopper girls rush the stage

police push them away

as he taunts flaunts teases pleases

scowler prowler

hurt lost shaman


like those silly teeny boppers

I lust after that idol

I wonder what they saw

that day in Miami

if he did flash the iconic cock


I make my way though a light rain

everything is a line in a Saint Jim song

‘making my way

through cemetery rain’


I know he‘s here somewhere

I see mystic marks sprayed

mementos of worship

‘the blue bus stops near here’

the rain stops

and I am there


no monument

only a flat gray space

with a tombstone

his name wrong

James isn’t Jim


beneath my feet his bones

unless they’ve been stolen

relics in sacred altars

for those who think

they can petition this saint

a bunch of faded flowers

some used condom lizard skins

‘lizard skins drying in the sun

show we have seized the moment’


I hear birds

then dozens of people

hiss of cameras

posers smile lean over the tombstone

stoke his name then gone


left alone

I seize my moment


flash my cock

the only gesture of his I can duplicate

toys in the snow

I seriously doubt that Morrison exposed himself – if he had, photos would have surfaced by now – there aren’t even fakes. I wrote this a few years ago after reading an article about his grave in Pere Lachaise.


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