Hornier Than 76 Trombones

Morning Parade is playful, sexy piece. The first few lines came in a flash – I love the play of ‘horn’ and ‘horniness’ when coupled with brass. Trombone already has ‘bone’ in it to add to the levels of pun going on. There is also the friskiness of how the trombone works – going from smaller to larger as it is manipulated – the soft zone trombone, as it were. It is a great cock symbol in so many ways.

cats can read !!
cats can read !!

As I was writing this I had to stop to decide whether I wanted to say ‘male member’ or ‘cock.’ The sort of self-censoring I think many writers have to work through. One of things I wanted to do in my poetry & prose is be more direct about body parts. There is a line between erotic, pornographic & being so coy it comes off like shame. Coy I’m not, though Morning Parade is a bit, for me, on the erotica side of things.

I also like Morning Parade because many of my motifs are in one piece – humor, music, sex, language play, plus a reference to a classic American musical comedy I saw as a child. There’s nothing queerer than a Broadway show tune except Ultimate Fighting.

cat fish
cat fish

I’ve been asked when my next feature is – probably December. I don’t suffer enough, don’t have a sufficiently vital political pov & can be too sexually explicit, to get invited to feature more than once or twice a year. Such is life.

for the night cats
for the night cats

I will be hosting The September Damned, once we get a new home for the series, which is in the works & we should have a location nailed down by the end of this week.

my coming attractions
my coming attractions



writing sample
writing sample

another of the pieces I read at the recent Cabaret Noir

Morning Parade

I woke up

hornier than 76 trombones

thoughts of you

resounding in my dreams

in my thoughts     my fantasies

of getting from here to where

we could be the parade

not just watching it

the clear brass plunge

ringing    echoing

as we slide together

saxophone daydream of trombone love
saxophone daydream of trombone love

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