Another Day @FanExpoCanada 2013

Day two of Expo was fine until the invasion of the baby strollers. It can be hard enough to avoid cosplay swords, capes and gown hems without having to dodge baby carriages at the same time 🙂 after a stop at Starbucks for a coffee & an oat fudge bar, I arrived by 11. No lineups and great crowd flow. By noon it was getting packed. After a while I couldn’t tell where cosplay ended and street wear began.

live action figures
live action figures

Bought some tee-shirts, added another Archie exclusive to my gallery. Had an ice cream. Took some pics. I like splitting the exhibition areas into two spots – north and south – it did create more space in each. Moving from one to the other was smooth as well. The SportExpo was in the north area as well the autographs. This kept fan line ups from taking over as they did in past years. The walkway to the north also allowed for a fun photo op.

not a plushie
not a plushie

Things to keep in mind – never stop at the top or bottom of an escalator to orient yourself & then get pissed because people bump into you. Sitting alone at a table for 8 doesn’t give you possession of the other seven chairs – don’t get miffed if someone else wants to sit there. Don’t get miffed if you can’t get a clear cosplay photo because the swarms of cell phoners taking pictures too.


Much like 2012 I enjoyed my two days at Expo, was glad to get home & take off my shoes. But 2 days is more than enough for me. But I could be talked into another day if anyone’s interested in braving the Sunday crowds.

my coming attractions




writing sample
writing sample

Life Everlasting

death wants to get laid – simple as that

each time someone is willing to comply

they die

so death never gets laid

leaving death unfulfilled

frustration rules each encounter

disappointed by thousands at a time

pleasure is no longer expected

death has a big load to shoot

a geyser a volcano

to make the atomic bomb a firecracker

death’s orgasm will black the sun

cast a shadow over the world

but once he comes he will be gone

that’s right once death gets

that longed craved for satisfaction

he’ll leave us alone

gone – b’bye

there will be no more death

just life everlasting

I am caught on the balance

of doing it for the human race

while knowing it can’t be done

that as willing as I am to

to stroke the engorged member of death

I know that it’ll be my demise

I have no choice

eventually death will give opportunity

for me to do the bump and grind

that gets us both sweating to the point of surrender

but before death can get release

I’ll die

though I could be the one

that makes death come

the odds aren’t in my favor

the invitation into death’s bed

often comes when we least expect it

riding in a car

walking down the stairs

asleep at night

working at keeping our bodies healthy

eating enough anti-free-radicals

that one should be getting younger

not older

all this done

to make us ripe and ready

for that wild date

at least we know

death will bring flowers

expo01 2013 milling around

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