Blithe Spirit

The day before I was swamped by FanExpo I was to Stratford to see their production of Blithe Spirit at the Avon Theatre. It was our first day trip with the new old car – a Cobalt 4-door. Smooth ride and a great sound system.

transformers at rest
transformers at rest

Before the show I lunched with Clara Blackwood et famile – to celebrate her birthday. We dined at Molly Bloom’s – my first time there. Usually we hit Features for lunch, but change is good. Molly’s was busy but crammed. We sat under the electronic fish-tank – which only rebooted once while we were there. Fish & chips were excellent.

caution: shattered dreams
caution: shattered dreams

Blithe Spirit was excellent. Briskly paced, a laugh-out-loud script that didn’t rely on one-liners to get laughs, performs who clearly enjoy their characters, and the expected Stratford attention to costumes plus a splendid set. To top it off a finale of sweet stage-craft effects that one rarely gets to see.

after the sweet nectar
after the sweet nectar

This is our third Stratford day trip, adding to the list of shows we’ve enjoyed this year: R&J, and Tommy. Next up Measure For Measure.

writing sample
writing sample

Tale of the Unexpected

he was into me

I could tell by the way

his eyes held mine

as he talked about books   movies   music

searching for common ground

to make bedrock

for us to roll around on

books I hadn’t read yet

movies I had no intention of ever seeing

music I was indifferent to

but I’m a patient listener

I knew what it was like

the nervous energy of hoping

to strike the right chords of concordance

seeking that common ground to roll around on

I’d met him a fews times before

a friend of a friend

but he wasn’t my type

too tall    too clean shaved

I could tell he was mistaking my listening

for a returned interest

my nods on the right time

were cues to him to lean closer

touch me lightly on the forearm

to emphasize a point

I understood this neediness

I used to fall for waiters who joked

mistaking their professional patter

for something more than working for their tips

I’m not that naive anymore

I know the difference

he was into me

once was a time

when that would be enough

myself esteem so low

my interest in them was fueled

by their interest in me

even if they weren’t my type

my need for acceptance was so great

I’d have no resistance

not that I don’t enjoy having someone interested in me

but now I can resist the pull better

lessons learned and all that

I’d know after ten minutes it wasn’t going to work

but it would take ten days to get out of it

so I was looking for a way out

without being too blunt

my placid responses weren’t bored enough

for him to read

or maybe like I often did

ignored the disinterest

push harder till I found what would catch

look for the right bait in movies   books   music

ask a few leading questions

I disengaged his look

said it was nice to run into him

didn’t offer my number

then he kissed me


everything changed

San Francisco joy
San Francisco joy

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