Momentary Sundials

Plasticine celebrated its 60th or is it its 70th anniversary. Seventy years of bringing vibrant spoke word to the community is hard work & this show had an amazing line up that raised the roof at Paupers. After a flash round of open stagers, first up was Farzana Doctor. Her strongly emotional personal pieces drew us into her life ‘I was recognized as my mother’s daughter,’ ‘I learned how to fish on YouTube’ ‘I stay two hours before kissing her good-bye’ – simple & direct language with a warm and invested delivery.

flats out of it
flats out of it

Up next was Jacob Scheier – (disclaimer: I have taken his workshop) – read from his recent book ‘Letter from Brooklyn.’ Much like Farzana his strongly emotional personal pieces drew us into his life or lives he had observed. Telling details, a grey sweater, slender legs filled, his poems. ‘I often wanted to be kept,’ ‘freedom is no one caring what you look like,’ ‘her slender legs are momentary sundials.’

Walked A Millon Miles
Walked A Millon Miles

The second set was opened by Mari-Lou Rowley. The scientific language that peppered her poetry didn’t detract from the humour, the humanness of her finely structured pieces. ‘the ellipse is nice but not to anyone attached to perfection,’ in high-school ‘buddies and anti-buddies becoming unstable.’ She is  the girl ‘outside the church, with a quiet voice & a knife.’

Please Remove Shoes Before Entering The Down Spout
Please Remove Shoes Before Entering The Down Spout

The final feature was Robin Richardson with a great set of personal and observational work – a nurse with ‘skin sheened in sanitizer,’ ‘doors as wide as stake knives.’ There was fun sonic play in her images as well ‘God clouds’ that ‘o’ resonance, the ‘wh’ in ‘whiffs of what we were.’

Congratulations to Michael & Cathy for a continuing series that brings us such a range of poetic & fiction voices.


One of the pieces I read at Plasticine


L’amour domestique


my fridge made a pass at me

the other day

I was in my usual hurry to get the milk

when the door caressed my cheek

pushed me into its cool welcoming heart

now I’m not into sex with inanimate objects

if I was I would probably pick

my coffee maker

something small and easy to satisfy

the fridge is never filled

always has demands that

make me feel inadequate

while the coffee machine

fills to brim so quickly

yes give me hot and perky

to big and cold – any day

but it was one of those days


the kitchen chairs were

plucking at my pant legs

like over excited little dogs humping a foot

it made eating almost impossible

I wasn’t sure what to do with the left overs

the fridge was glaring me petulant

at being snubbed

in favor of the coffee maker


in the bathroom the face cloth

competed with the tooth brush

to get in my mouth

until the towels pulled them aside

to shove me into the shower

they needed all my body wet

for the satisfaction they craved

I didn’t have the moral strength

to deny them anything

they rubbed and dried every square inch

the sofa was anxious for me to

snuggle in front of the TV

I had to watch home decorating shows

about getting cute little throws

hints from the sofa of what would make

our family complete

in bed the pillows tenderly cradled my head

as the sheets twined around me

hungry for dreams about coffee makers


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