#Roxy Music

I’ve been listening to a play list of mine with a bunch of Roxy Music albums on it – from Roxy Music 72 to Manifesto 79 – the others are on another playlist. It’s interesting to hear these as an adult & not a mid-20’s wanna be stuck in Sydney, Cape Breton. Now I get to notice how the band matures from art school experimentalists to hit makers and finally to polished adult contemporary smoothies.

stained beauty
stained beauty

When I first heard the first few lps my moral compass was so askew that songs about blow up dolls didn’t seem so daring to me. Siren and Manifesto are the two albums that have the most emotional resonance for me.

fence abstract
fence abstract

Siren for the great lyrics – from She Sells: I always thought it began: ‘she’s talking in headlines, up to the murder of three’ which turns to really be ‘now you’re talking in headlines, up the the minute & free.’ My mishearing is bit darker but the original still has an edginess that could be about people I know today. This Lp came out while I was still living on the east coast.

how much is that car in the window
how much is that car in the window

Shortly after I moved to Toronto they released Manifesto – with a sweet disco influence – which the critics hated & which I loved. No lyric jumps out but the sonic quality and the momentum of it are a delight. I can remember putting it on my turntable, stretching out on my couch, between two stereo speakers and being transported, sad that I had to get up to turn it over for side two.

Part of what I really enjoy now is the amazing engineering on both Siren & Manifesto – even on my earbuds walking down the street the separation and layers of resonant sound is wondrous.


October 15 – Tuesday – maybe attending – “L – – -” launch


October 18 – Friday – attending – Racket at the Rocket

inner space flight
inner space flight

October 20 – Sunday – attending – Cabaret Noir

life is a cabaret NOIR, bitch
life is a cabaret NOIR, bitch

October 22 – Tuesday – maybe attending – Exquisite Corpse


October 31 – Thursday – attending – The Beautiful and The Damned


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo


November 3 – Sunday – attending – Lydia Lunch Live

June 6-8, 2014 – attending – Bloody Words


1:15 a.m.

the feel was upon him – he never knew when to expect it – it wasn’t regular like day becoming night to return to day – there was no time of day or night it was always there – it could happen at any time – taking a shower – reading the paper – walking down the street – sound asleep – it was never sudden though – it would be a gradual awareness that yes he was feeling that way again – it wasn’t like walking into a wall or waking up to a room on fire – too subtle for that – some days he would realize he’d been lost in the feeling for hours   days – not that it was unpleasant but it was something he wanted to control – to limit – to at least be aware of sooner when it was happening so he would – what – he wasn’t sure what he would do – couldn’t avoid it – couldn’t make it last longer or happen at will – it would just be there and he’d wonder when did this start or is it just the last one still happening still on the go and he’d just forgotten he was feeling it and went on to feeling other things other ways – it somehow didn’t seem fair that he could be so powerless over his own self – it was as if he wasn’t himself – that it was his body but that he wasn’t at home in it without that sense of ‘ah yes I can sit down when I want to – I feel how I want to when I want to’  – the feel was upon him & for a change he liked it

dive into it
dive into it

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