Something #Zombie This Way Comes

The October edition of Noir started on a tres noir foot with feature Monica S. Kuebler who read a chapter from bleeder, her online serial vampire novel. The chapter dealt with the emotional bond between feeder & captive – an emotional bond deepened as the feeder develops a blood bond with his captive so that the power dynamic shifts and confuses both parties. A complex emotional scene that was scary, gory and compelling. How do we repair the damage we do to those would damage us?

sink sunk
sink sunk

Second feature Marcus Walker was subbing for the originally scheduled feature caught up in family crisis. I’ve heard him before & was happy to enjoy his fine singing & guitar playing. He reminds me of both Cat Stevens & Ben Harper with songs that deal with love, yearning & life. He has a sweet evocative voice that easily hits the right emotional notes without hitting you over the head at the same time. His interplay with the other guitarist was great – too bad I didn’t catch that guy’s name.

shoes shooed
shoes shooed

Last feature was Supertash – I only stayed for her first two numbers – my make-up was making me sick – but they are strong, fresh and fun. Loving a serial killer isn’t all it cracked up to be but song writers will try a relationship with anyone if they think they’ll get a decent song out of it 🙂

lamp lumped
lamp lumped

My Day of the Dead rainbow look was certainly eye-catching – people taking cell pics on the TTC is something I might get used to. At the venue many didn’t recognize me. But after having it on for over five hours my skin wanted to be clean & what bits of it had gotten into my stomach as I ate & drank made me queasy. The smell of the grease paint ain’t so bad but not to be taken internally. Paddy did a great job but next time I may try body paint instead.

rainbow day of the dead
rainbow day of the dead


One of the new pieces I read:

Something Zombie This Way Comes

1.  When zombies come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.

2.  What zombie from yonder window breaks

3.  Let me embrace thee, zombie, for wise men say it is the wisest course.

4.  Is this a zombie before me

5.  Some are born zombies, some achieve zombiness, and some have zombies thrust upon them

6. To zombie or not to zombie

7.  Vampires die many times before their deaths; the zombie never taste of death but once.

8.  A zombie – my kingdom for a zombie

9.  If zombies be the food of love bite on

10. All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely zombies


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