Incense Peppermints and #NaNoPrep

My NaNoWriMo fever is getting to the point where I’ll be breaking out in hot word flashes by the end of next week. I’ve been exploring Binaural Beats. I’ve downloaded a some from iTunes with ‘inductions’ as opposed to ‘guided mediations’ – I don’t know what the difference is but if it works does it matter? Being told ‘Do not drive a vehicle while listening’ always relaxes me 🙂

sky bridge
sky bridge

I’ve rotated through these inductions – one a day every day this month. On my walks I’ve been listening a different one of the buried or subliminal binaural beat tracks. I’ve learned that for some things to work they need to be given a determined & persistent trial. Which is what I’m doing.

sky high
sky high

I also sent for the NaNo “No Plot? No Problem! The Kit!” (no longer in stock) – which has some fun stickers, a set of daily inspiration cards & a booklet of suggestions; one of which was that peppermint has been shown by Nasa to improve concentration by 30%.

cloudy sky
cloudy sky

To give that a try I picked up some oil of peppermint capsules and a body lotion. The lotion isn’t overpowering but I can feel the ‘cool’ of it when I put it on. Because there is so much evidence that men are controlled by two brains, one between their ears & the other between their legs, I’ll be using it on both my thinking zones. For November I am guaranteed to be minty fresh.





another of the pieces I read at Noir:

Hannibal Hoarder

I’m sure that body is around here somewhere

like it’s not as if

I’ve stashed away so many corpses

that I lose track of them

even if it looks that way

I’ve always been systematic

good memory is important in this game

you know

I wouldn’t want to stalk and kill

the same person twice

that hasn’t happened yet

so I’m sure the body is around here somewhere

did you check under the kitchen sink

yes I know

its time I cleaned up a little around here

but I can’t find it in me

to toss anything anymore

you never know when you’ll need it

there has to a use for all those newspapers

besides insulating the house

I’ve lost count of the number of take out containers

in the kitchen   in the front hall

it’s been years since

I could get over the pizza boxes

to get up those stairs

so I doubt if the body is up there

at least not the one you’re asking about

no   it’s not in the basement

that’s where I keep the road kill

someone has to honor

the run over squirrels raccoons cats birds

as you can see each one is tagged with date and location

there’s no human remains down here

I’m keen on being organized

so its odd that I can’t remember

where that cadaver is

it didn’t get up and walk out of here

I made sure it was dead

no   I don’t cut them into little pieces

they have to be intact

that’s why all those manikins

are in one piece

who would want a room of torsos

one of arms one of legs

they are happy in the living room

yes there a thousand and twelve of them

and more manikins in the back yard

along with the dozens of washing machines    refrigerators

I’ve salvaged

no  there’s no bodies out there

I’m sure it’s around here somewhere

just give me a minute will ya

I’m sure I can find it

why don’t we check the back room

sorry the light doesn’t work

keep on dancing
keep on dancing

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