Resurrection isn’t exactly the Christmas message but I have been digging into my archives going as far back as 1999. To get there I had to dust off some old files on disks (remember those) that were in appleworks, a format no longer recognized by the latest pages. I have to open them in simple text, cut & paste them into pages and then see what is under the dust.

sky01big sky Stratford

Much of the poetry has already been revised, printed and presented. There’s a lot of fiction in them there hills that I’m not sure what to do with. I was experimenting with with plots & styles. So I have a series about a car race across the desert; cowboys; people arguing or talking aimlessly (is there really a difference); a romance novel; even a noir detective. Some of which I may take the nest step with to expand into a full story for NaNo 2014.

sky02big sky Toronto

Lots of things I’ve totally forgotten about events I’ve totally forgotten. Some wrestling with notions I’ve dealt with since in a better way. Some that went somewhere but nowhere at the same time. ‘Improve’ was a prompt word that resulted in a list poem. I like a good list. This one is partially successful – full success results when I stumble into a bit of a story line as the list progress.

sky03big sky Niagara-on-the-Lake

In this one I don’t find a plot other than the contradictory messages we get about self-improvement, which is more than enough. It actually has a sense of resolution as well, which can’t be improved on 🙂


Dec 26 – Thursday – hosting – The Beautiful & The Damned


June 6-8, 2014 – attending – Bloody Words



there’s going to be changes

you better pull up your socks

if you don’t watch your step

stop settling for second best

if it isn’t broke don’t fix it

mind your manners

be grateful for what you have

aim for the stars

the more you know the better off you’ll be

it don’t take brains to improve on shit

don’t give up

don’t give me that bullshit

if only you tried harder

doesn’t apply himself

doesn’t pay attention in class

isn’t really there

lives in a world of his own

why improve on perfection

perfection equals death

once it’s perfect where else is there to go

leave well enough alone can’t you

get serious

as if

a little at a time

don’t try to do too much at once

increase the load to build the muscle

give it your all

don’t hold back

work towards a goal

one step at a time

god is in the details

keeping going till to can’t go any further

a book of a millions words starts with one

in the beginning was the excuse

sorry I didn’t mean that

I’ll try harder the next time

honesty it wasn’t me

I have more important things to worry about

sure I could do better by why bother

who gives a shit

who really cares

better marks means better marks

please yourself but do as you’re told

don’t take anything for granted

be the first on your block

be the only one

be the best one so you can be proud of yourself

if you don’t try you can’t win

winning is all

losers are losers remember that

never give a loser a second chance

be hard on yourself

don’t give up or give in

keep going regardless of the cost

never settle anything less than your best

or what I think other’s think is my best

sloppy seconds are better than nothing

careless work

learn to spell

only the good will survive

only the perfect get to wherever it is the perfect get to go

anything would be an improvement

I love what you’ve done with this

my how you’ve changed

you used to be so sweet

now you are a perfect idiot

now you have no faults

meet the Saint who used to be human

to err is human

to improve is to improve

discontent is the seed of progress

greed is not discontent

more more more

better better better

be as critical as you want

nothing will ever be good enough

why start if it isn’t going to be perfect

no one sees the flaws you see

share and share alike

good work is never finished   it only rests

but be prepared for change

snow02nose for details

One thought on “Resurrection

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