What Do Men Want?

I met this guy on line – which is where I meet guys these days. I wonder if there is actually a bar life anymore with online cruising so accessible? I never meet men, say, at readings – not that there aren’t attractive men there, but they are usually eager for the hot female poets – not the old gay guy.

westSan Francisco Bay

This on-line guy asked me: “What are you looking for?” I don’t think I’m looking for anything that most guys online (or in bars) are looking for – though my expectations aren’t as geared to fulfillment either – unlike the many guys who only want someone to slot into very defined qualifications: hairy & hung or young & hung or uncut & hung or into s&m & hung or or or. The number of men my age looking for only those under 30 dismays me.

avonAvon River, Stratford, Ontario

So I look for opportunity not definitions or solutions. I know what I like but that doesn’t keep me from being open to enjoying men who don’t ‘qualify.’ I suspect the guy who asked “What are you looking for?” is looking for something more serious – the one man who will be solution to his search for love – which isn’t me.

eastWreck Cove, Cape Breton

My ideal would live within walking distance (but I happily travel thirty minutes on TTC for some guys), have a life of his own, he’d be affectionate (not that I don’t enjoyed guys who refuse to kiss but … ), enjoy sex & not be looking for a solution to something that can’t be solved. Anything held together with come falls apart in the wash.



June 6-8 – attending – Bloody Words

August 28-31 – attending – FanExpo Canada


Lake Pinebow 4

come boys

come boys

time to gather around the camp fire

and sing the songs of old

to join our voices together

to celebrate

the joys of being together

the joys surviving the weather

and the fun we’ve had

the past few weeks

here in the Fun in the Sun Adventure Camp

here are the song sheets

we’ll start with everyone’s favourite

joy joy joy

how sweet to be a boy

with the chance to learn and look

to enjoy the work of the cook

to see the trout in the brook

joy joy joy

how sweet to be a boy

to swim the lake

to have crafts to make

to take a canoe ride

with a trusty friend at my side

joy joy joy

how sweet to be a boy


you sound like a choir of angles

you know that don’t you

these weeks in the woods

have done you all the world of good

I’m happy to say

and am sad that in another day

you’ll all be heading home

so on the the next song

farewell to the woods

farewells to the goods and the bads

to the funs we hads

what silly words eh boys


to the lads we’ll never see again

lucky the ones

who escape the Denizen pain

the ones who have survived the cruel teeth

and haven’t been dragged beneath

the cold waves of the lake

we’ve got what it takes

to face the danger

and go on to live live live


to the ones we’ll never see again

we’re the ones who’ll grow up

to be men

and if those others ever show up

we’ll be friends again


to all the tumbles and rumbles

the tummy grumbles at night


to the woods


very good lads

you’ve started to sing in harmony

now that the ill toned voices have been removed

sweeter than angels

sweeter that maple syrup

now we’ll go on to The Sunset

we can see

the sun set 

over the crest of the lake

over the sky though the clouds

the sun drops down

to bring around

the the night

night that wraps us each

in a soft warm blanket

wraps and protects

those who stay in place

those who have no need

of dreams of schemes

and wanderings

by the lake at night

as along we stay wrapped

we are safe from whatever wanders

nothing lingers

nothing nibbles our fingers

as we sleep

thank you lord

who protects all children

we are the willing

we are the good and kind

keep us safe

from the fangs and talons

of whatever wanders the grass

that slurps and gnashes

that get any who wander

looking for death

we can see the sun set

through the clouds

and will be grateful

when we see it rise

in the splendour of morning

in the splendour of morning

very good boys

now sleep well tonight

and we’ll see

who remains to go home in the morning

to eager and happy parents

masts reflecting

Quinte Bay Reflections

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