deeper than Nietzsche

It was about time Making a Racket at the Rocket made a racket  after a December hiatus with is usually array of wide ranging readers: poets, playwrights, novelists and more. Rona Bloom, Brian Keith and Lisa De Nikolitis – all of whom played to a packed-to-the-rafters house.


First feature Rona Bloom, who amongst other things is poet-in-residence at Mt. Sinai Hospital, gave us a great set of pieces starting with a travel moment ‘one day I went on holiday and forgot all my pin numbers’ (which happened to a friend of mine on his recent trip to Toronto). Her poem ‘The Storm” about the ice storm listed various things that ‘instead the storm decided.’ Her work is full of clear images – ‘the gate banging in the wind of a winter not done yet,’ ‘stanza is a word for a room we stay in for awhile.’


Next up was Richard Keith – who’s first feature was very accomplished. Though when he said his work was about the end of a relationship I though – oh no. But he dealt with it in fresh, slightly wry pieces that avoided self-pity ‘Oops … did I say I love you?/I meant to say/ I love me.’ A non-native he finds ‘the city is not your city/ until taxi drivers know/ where you are going/ before they pick you up.’

Anyone in a relationship with, or contemplating one with, a poet be aware that they are writing break-up poems even before that is in the air. 🙂


After the break Lisa de Nikolits a read pieces from a couple of her novels. From the recently published Glittering Chaos she introduced us to Huntz with a graphic, yet non-sexual encounter with a prostitute, ‘for such a pretty girl you have ugly feet.’ From her upcoming ‘Witch Doctor’s Bones’ she presented Rydell – a man whose needs for a sense of self results in scissored self-harm. She writes in a way that invites us to empathize with rather that judge these characters.

The night closed with a scene from Sandra Cardinal’s play-in-progress ‘Recessive Genes’ that explored men’s inability to apologize with pointed dialogue in a give-and-take scene in which one wondered who needed rescue the most – the disgruntled father or his son-in-law. The dialogue ran true though I wonder if two such men would talk this long about these issues without once swearing.

I did hit the open stage with a couple of old pieces: June Dogs & Sullen – only to plug my feature spot at the Racket next month (Feb 21) & also plug some up coming feature spots. A great night at the Rocket – whom I hope will adopt my suggested peppermint pekoe as a new house speciality tea. samp02



Several of the open stagers and both poetry features did list poems so here’s one of mine:

How Deep Is My Love

my love is deeper than Nietzsche

deeper than the gap

between sexual fantasy and spiritual reality

deeper than what we all thought the 60’s meant

my love for you is longer than

the time between knowing

it isn’t working and ending it

is longer than the time between

ending it and getting over it

is longer than the blue ray reissue

of the complete Lord of the Ring cycle

with commentaries and extra features

I love you more than

these shoes look great on me

my love is more hopeful than

an overflowing recycling bin

my love for you is longer than

the arm of the law

holding that restraining order

than can never stop me

from wanting just one more chance baby

please please just one more chance

my love for you is purer than the water

in that bottle of rapidly disappearing

Antarctic ice flow melted

just so you could have a sip of it

and throw it away

my love for you is purer than any dream

my love for you is purer than how you felt

before you even knew

the difference between

a care bear and a pubic

my love for you is stronger than

the tang of burned expresso

with a flavour shot of vanilla

my love for you is stronger than

your need to make a fool of me every chance to get

my love for you is

no longer the crime it once wasdelightful plants

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