AC/DC Blues

AC/DC Blues is next on the pop shelf. This is one of my compilation mp3 collections of a variety of lps, cds. 121 tracks that runs just over 6 hours. This one is sort of themed – starting with two old lps: AC/DC Blues & The Copulatin’ Blues – as you might guess they pre-40’s jazz/blues/folk dealing with queer & straight sex.

shoe03walked more than a mile

‘Sissyman Blues’ to ‘You Stole My Cherry’ – song with fun double and triple entendre lyrics. Funny raunchy and frankly out there. The two lps were given to me from a pal’s collection – though I did find a fresh copy of Copulatin’ with dozens of extra tracks.

shoe02the shoe and the spoon

From these I did a search for a couple of performers for more of their stuff and was able to find ‘best of’ sets of Ma Rainey, Ethel Waters, Bo Carter, and Tampa Red. The sound quality for some isn’t great but history is history and without it there is no context for the new.

shoe01don’t fence me in

When I hear the suggestive lyrics current sexy pop stars, or any number of rappers, I can’t but think I’ve heard it before, better and more honestly by some of these ‘old’ musicians. LMFAO manages to catch the raunch with a sense of fun I can dig. Which leads me think of the dearth of the openly sexual in queer pop in particular – but that’ll be my rant on Friday – ‘How Deep Is My Love’ as opposed to ‘How Many Inches Can You Take?’


hey! another list poem:

General Knowledge Test

all contestants must score over 40 to be considered for the show

01 What is the Capital of France?

02 Who wrote David Copperfield

03 How many moons does Neptune have?

04 Name the moons of Saturn.

05 Who starred in The Great Ghastly.

06 Where is Devon?

07 How many times did the mouse run up the clock?

08 How far did the dish run away with the spoon?

09 What year was the Treaty of Berlin signed?

10 Who won the war of 1717?

11 What is the chief export of Malta?

12 Did the chicken cross the road?

13 Name three flowers that are edible.

14 List all the stores in Square One Mall.

15 How far is it to San Jose?

16 If there was no way out how would you get in?

17 What was the number one single in August 1971?

18 Who won the academy award for best costume in 1987?

19 Find the square root of 6×13+56-9.

20 What is the legal drinking age in New Mexico?

21 Which US president signed the peace treaty of 1914?

22 What was the reason Splitov gave for defecting from Russia?

23 Where were you on the night of December 24 1999?

24 What did we ever see in each other?

25 Give three uses for ice other than keeping things cold?

26 Did John Lennon & Mick Jagger ever write or record together?

27 What was the number one TV comedy series in 1956?

28 Why does the world keep on turning?

29 Which country has the highest divorce rate: France or Japan?

30 Name three books of the Bible not written by hand.

31 Can cancer be cured?

32 Where is the statue of Eros?

33 Name four of 1000 islands.

34 Who wrote ‘Death by Assimilation?’

35 Which author rode in the Queen’s Guard from 1919 to 1956?

36 Who invented the hard boiled egg?

37 What was the first recorded use of the words ‘beats me?’

38 Arrange the following into seven different words: sbaufkeibo

39 In what country is fried pineapple considered a delicacy?

40 What is the national language of Timor?

beadsno more worries

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