The Future of Sex

I’ve been working on my guest spot at “The  Dildettes  at  Buddies! THASSRIGHT.” One of the requirements, for some reason, was to write a piece that included, in some way, a dildo. Fitting one in isn’t as easy as it sounds 🙂 I resisted the temptation to do a top ten list of songs that were originally about dildo’s: Dilly Jean; Teenage Dill Dream; etc. because it was too easy – Walk on The Dillside.


fence gallery

I wanted something that wasn’t directly about the dildo – no descriptions of life from the dill’s point of view, or a how to buy, use or break-up with one: “The Dill is Gone.” But something that showed how a dill can become a part of one’s sexual vocabulary in a sensible, as opposed to a fetishy, way.


shady nook painting

As I started the piece it took its own direction and shape. Like many of my pieces it pretty much wrote itself in a first draft over two days. I let it simmer for awhile before going back into it for pacing, sequence and story – not that there is a real story in this just snippets of various conversations stitched together and some very soft-core sex thrown in to pull it together.


green glass

Some of my thoughts & readings on identity, our expectations of love vs. sex got into the mix, as well as a thread about getting old. I’ve met some guys under 30 who think meeting the right guys means never having to look for sex again. Or that when one gets to a certain age sex becomes unimportant. I smile, nod & move on.


The Future of Sex

he kisses like he means it

like he needs it

as much as I do

there is no rush to get naked

but there is a need to

we mean to be bare with each other


the compulsion of the flesh

a subtext for our concerns

about each other’s activities

his work

family at xmas

driving conditions

my writing

our notions of love

not that we are talking

about being in love with each other

but what love means to people


I’d say to men

but it doesn’t really vary

from gender to gender

he’s seeing someone he likes

I’m living with the same man

for over thirty years

is this enough for either of us

or is this need for enough

a reflection of a cultural social paradigm

that says we have to seek a mate

for life

to make our lives fulfilled and satisfying

that we need to settle down

we’ll have someone

to look after us when we get too old

to look after ourselves


so we won’t end up lonely bitter old piles of bones

stranded in a corner of a geriatrics ward

with only our memories of great sex

to keep us warm

too feeble to appeal to anyone

to even reach for a dildo

because honey there ain’t no handbook

on gay geriatric sex


I’m pretty sure the will to live

is tied into the will to get it off

but because age is so disgusting

only dildos will be willing to do the job


he rolls to face me

erections touching

says lets worry about the future of sex

after the sex of the moment



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