Me encantan tus manos

Sharing the stage at Makin’ a Racket at the Rocket with Alexandra Innes and Mike Sauve was a perfect February night. Guest host Norman Cristofoli brought back memories of the late great Renaissance Cafe, where I first featured. Having Randal Clark, Catherine Penny & Jeff Cottrill there as well, it was almost like the Coffehouse Cabaret.

throneice throne

After some enthusiastic open stagers, first up was Mike Sauve who read ‘Another Big Mistake’ – a funny, fun short story about getting sober while living with a drunk, looking for escape via the personals. Sharply drawn characters, a good eye for telling details & an acidic sense of pop culture made for a great reading.

 orangeorange on ice

After a brief break and a few more open stagers I was up. My romantic & less sexual set worked well. It felt good to tone down the energy a little (at Plasticine lest week it was on 9, here it was more like 7.5). I know what a room can handle & this was perfect for the crowd. Lots knowing nods for my piece about what happens when you get into a relationship with a poet, laughs for the list of reasons why relationships didn’t work. Plus sold enough chap books to pay for the printing costs of same.

hotubice tub

Alexandra Innes ended the evening with a well-paced set of short pieces – so short I didn’t get to jot down many of the great times – pieces about relationships – ‘she said ‘no’ but kept ‘perhaps’ in her back pocket’ ‘what is not knowing what to do.’ Her final & longest piece was a deeply-felt experience of sexual abuse that emotionally resonated with many of us.


one of the new pieces I read at Racket

Me encantan tus manos

I took a photo of you

standing in your apartment

merely standing there

sort of shy  flattered

and asking

why I was taking a picture of you

don’t I have enough of you already


I have access to your FB pics

even a few selfies you sent to me

of your radiant smile

of your excited hardness

but I wanted one I took

one that only I would ever see

that would never be posted anywhere

you may never see it either

or if you do

it won’t be in a form

you can save to post anywhere

I may get a print of it

This is my picture of you


as I took this picture of you

you asked how I would be sure it was you

not of someone I think you are

the moment I took the picture

you were someone

I wanted from head to toe

I needed an image that included your hands

parts of you that aren’t seen

when we’re close together

I can feel them on me just by looking at them


you took a picture of me

I’m on stage in front of a crowd

and feel myself change

in your eyes as you see me there

from the man you hold alone

to the man held by many

so the image you capture

isn’t as clear

as defined the picture I took of you


regardless of how crisp or fuzzy

those pictures are

none we ever take

will every capture what beats

beneath the surface

a hum that is only sensed

when our hands are on each other

romantic sunset meeting

 ready for heavy work at Loyalist

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