Love It To Death

Next up on the pop shelf is a cd with a multi Lp collection –  Alice Cooper: Pretties For You(1969)/Love It To Death (1970); Autosalvage (1968); Clear Light (1967); Common: One Day (1997)GTOs: Permanent Damage (1969); Lothar & The Hand People: Space Hymn (1969); Barry McGuire: Eve Of Destruction (1965); Tony Joe White: Continued (1969).

smlchairsstep away from the mirror

An assortment held together, loosely by Frank Zappa, California, late 60’s & memory, with Common the exception. Some of these I had vinyl at one time, some stumbled across as it were, some extensions of what I had. I remember first hearing Love it To Death & thinking how daring it was – much later to discover Alice Cooper was nearly as constructed an image as the Monkees. Alice looking 100 singing ‘I’m 18.’

benchstep over to the bench

Lothar one of the first bands to feature the theremin & electronic instruments (still trying get a copy of their first lp). Clear Light folk trippy band with two drummers !! McGuire & White with great voices – McGuire folk-rock, White country-rock & so sweet to hear.

coatnot in step with fashion trends

Autosalvage a vanished art rock band whose only Lp sank without a sound. GTOs (another Zappa connection) almost a comedy Lp of giggly sexual innuendo features Pamela Des Barres. Then to add that modern touch, a total departure with Common – he addresses some of the same social themes as McGuire .

Lothar & The Hand People: Space Hymn: Lothar was a theremin, I had their 1st lp, left it on east coast when I moved & man I”d love to fid it again. This is their second and has some sweet space moments. Tony Joe White: Continued – Tony is a super sexy country boy with a deep voice that stills gets me hard .



you weren’t willing to give in

I wasn’t willing to fight

so it worked for awhile

both got what we wanted

for the moment

it could have continued

if you hadn’t wanted

that something

some illusion of perfection

ever-lasting hand in hand

picture book frenzy

and that wasn’t going to happen

I admitted that from the first

it wasn’t as if it came as a surprise

I stuck to my guns

as small as they were

you became resentful   distant

I changed the names on the map

from lovers to friends

present but without pressure

of having to be something more

for each other

not that I wanted more from you

than I knew was possible

but you wanted the impossible

not only from me

but from everyone

I see it in each new foray

you make into relationships

to find someone more perfect than me

to find someone

without an agenda of their own

someone not fearful of losing you

someone not needing you

to prove something about themselves

to others

Hey I have a boyfriend

sort of stuff

someone who won’t be possessive

who won‘t misunderstand

when you want to do something on your own

I hear it in your voice

when you say

you don’t know what you want

you don’t know what men want

and I think

you’ll learn they want the same thing as you

most of them do anyway

someone who lives their own life

but surrenders to you

someone at your beck and call

and that ain’t going to happen

such is life

I know

I did the same fitful search

till I learned to look

for the love that’s there

as opposed to the love

I fantasized should be there

learned that

those nooks and crannies of painful self

I expect another human to fill

can never be soothed by humans

there were never meant to

I’d tell you something

about the spiritual adventure

but that’s a realization

you’ll need to come

in your own time and way

you’ll take up

that adventure when the pain is great enough

when all the false starts   disappointments

become a bitter morass

that makes you wonder

like it did for me at one time

why fucking bother

what’s the use of life


that changes

as long you hold on

as long as you don’t give up

I know it changes

because it changed for me

when I understood human limits

and decided to enjoy them

rather than bitch moan fight them

I was merely another paradox

looking for healing

when we met I was ready for you

and now you are being made ready

for yourself

because till you’re ready for you

you’ll never be ready for anyone else

poppop: ABC to Moby Grape 

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