The Naked and The Spoken

At some recent spokenword shows I’ve seen so many of the ‘don’ts’ done I wonder if people who go to poetry shows and hit the open stage have actually observed what serves their work best. Sure you are afraid of the mike but standing so far from it we can’t hear you isn’t the solution. Holding your pages between your mouth and the mike doesn’t help us hear you either.

skywinter sky

Whether you are featuring or just hitting the open stage please know what you are going to read – by ‘know’ I don’t mean ‘be off book’ but don’t spend ten minutes sorting through your loose pages, or recently published book, looking for the piece you just have to share. If you are presenting a short story make sure you have all the pages & that they are in the correct order.

mapwinter map

Try not to text while the performers who listened to you, or whom you expect to listen to you, are on stage – or if you do, do it out of sight or don’t get pissed if they chatter to their friends while you are stage if you did the same while they are on stage.

lions in winterlions in winter

Buying a meal, having a couple of beers and shots & then not having anything to drop in the hat when it gets passed is bad form. Finally buying a meal, having a couple of beers and shots isn’t a ticket to talk all through the performers who weren’t the ones you came to support. Just because you are sitting in the back corner doesn’t make your chatter less distracting.

Another thing – please don’t start a whisper conversation with me at a show. I’m trying to hear the features & make a few notes for my blog. If I ignore you don’t take it personally.


March 1, Saturday – attending – Toronto SpecFic Colloquium


June 6-8 – attending – Bloody Words

June 23-27 – attending – Manuscript to Book – Loyalist Summer Arts – Belleville, Ont

myseatmy Loyalist power spot

August 28-31 – attending – FanExpo Canada


one the pieces I presented at Plasticine recently

To clothe the naked


there was this guy


on the subway platform

shoes   socks   a shoulder bag

nice shoes I said.

he glanced down oh my god! I’m naked!

apparently he wasn’t aware

of having nothing on

but his shoes   socks

sorry I said didn’t mean to alarm you

he covered his cock with his e.reader

this isn’t a dream he asked

not mine I replied did you have an exam this morning?

what he asked.

naked dreams are usually caused by stress

you know

getting to school for an important exam

and realizing you have no pants on

no no. I was fully clothed when I left my place

I glanced to see if anyone noticed

I saw a naked woman

adjusting her baby in a stroller

her round ass poised in the air


I got on the subway car

there were more naked people

men women various ages sizes

I wasn’t sure where took

they glared back at me

sneering at my clothing

as if I was the one doing something untoward


when I wished for more nudity

this isn’t what I had in mind

I only wanted certainly people


certainly no one over sixty

to see that future is too awful to contemplate

there ought to be a law

so that public nudity is limited

only to those who are buff enough

not to be an offence to the eye



don’t get undressed on my account

sure you are more appealing naked

but that’s just another way

of objectifying you

how do we remove the personality from the body

ah that’s what the internet is for

thanks for the dick pics

plantsbye bye winter

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