Quiero ser suspensorio de Johnny Depp

The February edition of The Damned hosted by Lizzie Violet (a woman who isn’t in the public eye nearly enough) was overflowing with wild, dynamic, free-flowing energy. The many who braved the sub-Arctic winds were rewarded with strong open stagers & sizzling features.

moonwinter moon

First feature Vanessa Smythe give a top-notch performance of polished, smooth and emotionally inviting pieces about sports bar fantasy meetings, break ups, making ups, and older sister realizations. ‘can’t we talk for a few minutes … about our favourite cereal boxes’, ‘I close the door like I’m closing our story book.’ She slips from character to another in a conversation without us losing track of who is speaking. A great performance.

glovewinter (g)love lost

The Four Winds Music Collective are Arlene Paculan, Heather Hill, Kat Leonard & Meghan Morrison. Four powerhouse solo performers who easily merge together for a Power Rangers super group. They opened with one of Kat’s ‘hits’ that went from English ti Spanish !! ‘Quiero ser suspensorio de Johnny Depp.’ Great songs from each of the winds with sharp, emotional writing: ‘I don’t need a man, but I don’t need dessert either.’ ‘maybe freedom isn’t just walking away,’ ‘Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.’

playhousewinter palace

By the end of their too short set I was wondering, much like I did after Blue Venus a few weeks ago: Why aren’t these women getting at least nominated for Juno’s or Polaris prizes?




once upon a teenage time

I wanted someone  an ocean

to sweep me off my feet

tumble me naked into bed

or I wanted to be   tidal wave

find the right someone

to spray with the wet wildness

of my every hard-on’s desires

I became frustrated   disappointed

I thought sexual satisfaction

was the point of love

frustrated   disappointed when at

each attempt to smother love into my life

it escaped

that the sweet emotional context

didn’t fulfill enough

had to be my fault   your fault

we needed a better porn primed technique

a more flexible back to get the right arch

for the best possible penetration

in a way it was my fault

for expecting the perfect kiss

the slowest blow job

from an adoring lover

with just the right foreskin

muscles    body hair

to take this lonely pain from me

I didn’t realize

it would take more than one kiss

more than one adoring lover

in fact there weren’t enough kisses lovers

cocks balls asses tongues

money music sunshine rainbows

to take this separateness from me

bodies were designed to be enjoyed

not as a cure for anything

adding the weight of expectations

always left me frustrated   disappointed

when I expected a physical satisfaction

to rescue me from a spiritual ocean

100_2682shadow of the snake

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