School’s Out

Next on the pop shelf is more Alice Cooper: School’s Out – exquisitely produced by Bob Ezrin. The sound quality of this Cd amazes me. Sadly the cd version lacks the great fold out design of the Lp – which opened up like a desk lid. That only thing I miss about Lps is covers.

birdslike birds on a wire

As a concept piece the music is a great mash up of hard-rock and Bernsteins’ (both Leonard and Elmer) – West Side Story weaves it way through, though I wonder now who the audience was for this: hard-rock show-tune fans into baby doll decapitations?

slushwhite on grey

I love the slinkiness of Blue Turk with the sonic layering in of breathing, the grave yard lyrics & the band is hot. The variety of styles they tackle certainly proved Alice was more than the shocksters they presented on stage.

bluefrozen blue

School’s Out comes after Killer and Billion Dollar Babies which are tucked away somewhere on my shelves on some other mp3 cd compilation; so, more about Alice as I work my way though the collection.


June 6-8 – attending – Bloody Words


June 23-27 – attending – Manuscript to Book – Loyalist Summer Arts – Belleville, Ont

August 28-31 – attending – FanExpo Canada


That Happy Feeling

how is that humans seem happiest

when they feel better than someone else

how cutting someone down to size

means making them smaller than us

what quirk of character

finds the misery of others entertaining

so entertaining we are glued

to floods  wars   murders on TV

we can’t shut it off

we need to see someone punished

proved that they are less than us

everyone seeks that level

of superior satisfaction

there is always someone lower than us

there has to be

or we’re unhappily misunderstood

looking for something to pick us up

some racial slur

some financial upper hand

so that we feel better than

the guy behind the counter

we aren’t stuck like some bus driver

so our routine rut

is better than the next routine rut

that poets with strict meter

are a step above those lazy free versers

who are just above short story writers

one seeks importance in the face of impotence

blacks slight asians

the Japanese slight the Koreans

there is no racial end to better than

that chases tails in circles

not that I’m not caught in my own

just asking these questions

makes it appear I feel superior

that by observing

I’m not caught up in this

well I am

but at least I’m not as bad as you

muralLoyalist multimedia mural 

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