Rocket Scientist of Love

It’s like you are two different poets! someone said to me after my recent Racket at the Rocket (RR) show – someone who had seen my feature the previous week at Plasticine Poetry (PP) and was eager for more.

bunnythe rabbit’s vigil

Looking back over the two sets I can see what the differences, besides all different pieces & shirts, were. Both sets were themed, with the same number of pieces in each. Paced pretty much the same too. Started with something inviting – no dropping of the pants in the first piece. The built to more explicit things.

doorvigil outside the purple door

PP was focused on identity – a sort of abstract concept that I tried to make real with various personas that showed various ways we define outs elves: Hannibal Hoarder: how we keep what we keep defines us; Godzilla: how movies lead us to self definition. So the material was more clearly theatrical and pushed me to a more theatrical reading. boots

discorporation: the vigil’s reward

The RR set was romantic, emotional in a different way. The difference between the persona of each piece was much more subtle that the PP set and not as theatrical. I also opted not to perform any of many bitter break-up pieces, some of which were in the chap book, and stayed on the sweeter side of love, just to prove I could be mellow, that I could be sexy without overt queer sexuality. The other things about the set was that I read a piece I had written that week about a man I’m seeing, who happened to be in the audience for the show. Something I’ve never experienced before. Not that I have to work hard on authentic emotion when I read but this time I didn’t even have to work at all. soon02

October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Pinebownewpine

samples one of newer pieces I read at RR a few weeks ago Rocket Scientist of Love I don’t claim to be a rocket scientist of love I’m more practiced at one-man missions where I can control the countdown to blast off but when I have to plot the course for more passengers than one I’m never sure where the booster rockets have to go when to push the buttons that will set them off how much fuel I’m going to need what sort of pay load is expected of me to bring them to the various stages of thrust sure I can get them buckled in well enough the fumbling can be sort of fun but after that I can get a bit lost when my solid mass converter gets ready to let loose its charge while theirs is still picking up speed I’m not a rocket scientist of love any more than I am the masters & johnsons of sex but I’m willing to learn if anyone’s willing to teach

gardening garden store aches for spring

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