Human = Gay Rights

Why are queer rights such a vital human rights issue? I don’t mean the right to marriage or those legal hoops we so often need to legitimize relationships. I mean basic human rights. Let’s face it, the history of human rights isn’t so great – different times have chosen religious judgements as the ideal way to deny certain sectors rights to justify taking away property or money.

doily dainty doily

Accuse a woman of being a witch, burn her at the stake and take her cottage. Criminalize gay and then accuse a man/woman of being a queer and suppress/discount anything they might say. Plus keep them away from the children, whose minds are so fragile the sight of men kissing could ruin them for life.

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Russia has used this ‘protect the innocent minds’ as part of their treatment of queers. Arizona tried to pass a law that would allow one to refuse service to gay people as an act of ones religious freedom.

towel tainted towel

The danger is that there is no burden of proof. Much like ‘gay panic’ as a defence for murder (he gave me a queer look, he touched my privates so I had to defend myself). The burden of proof is so slanted that those accused of being queer have no defence, if they they aren’t queer.

Denying gays human rights becomes the perfect smoke screen for suppressing any dissidents. That list of 200 prominent gay Ugandans – how many were on the list merely so the government could shut them up, jail them away, regardless of their sexual orientation.


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Arizona vs NFL

in this defeated

for now

Arizona religious freedom act

there was no burden of proof

gay was in the eye of the beholder

the only recourse

for the innocent heterosexual

perceived as gay

was to pull out a gun

stand your ground and shoot

the beholder in self defence

because the only thing worse

than being who you are

is being perceived

as something you are not

SAM_1034back to the all meat diet 

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