Whipping Post

Next up on the pop shelf comes a pair of Allman Brothers CD’s – Beginnings – a double Lp I transferred to cd. At some point Atlantic started to move their back catalogue by offering special deals on 2 lps by some bands. I bought the original vinyl at Sam’s. The other CD is The Best of ….

mirror Alice is that you?

In my drinking days on the east coast I drank with guys who were big fans of the Allman’s so I heard this stuff a lot. Some of the cuts carry some of that memory. Every Hungry Woman, Whipping Post were jam faves of musicians in the group. I also dimly recall that the band I did lights & sometimes percussion for, tackled Midnight Rider.

tunnel vision of a tunnel

The music is blues infused with rock, a touch of jazz and driving relentless guitars, that in some tracks they work themselves into a monumental torrent – Whipping Post. Check out Duane Allman’s playing on Herbie Mann’s Push Push – sublime. I didn’t follow them. Even now I can’t say they are amongst my faves but, thanks to high-speed, I did download their discography, for a good price, a couple of years ago. As I’ve gotten older I enjoy the blues more.

scarf Pashmina come home

Another, somewhat more recent memory, if the mid-90’s is recent, is having some guy I brought home for the night, looking through my Lp collection and pulling out that double set and saying ‘You can’t be queer, honey, listening to stuff like this.’ I said, if one of them was butch enough for Cher they were alright by me. soon02


October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Pinebow https://www.facebook.com/events/1651892755035275/

samples Promotion getting head I’m getting ahead moving up soon to be top of the heap for that breathtaking view forever I can see forever I can see my next condo from here the view the expanse the cold bracing air the first and second the one and only yes I made it finally not quite king of the world too much responsibility but here I am am at the peak of my form top of my game no further to go made it reached it dreamed it imagined it and made it manifested all the little bitty details into the crowning moment the crown of creation yes that’s me the bright boy the blazing pinnacle of everything I’ve learned & breathed for everything my parents prayed for all the pieces falling into place if they didn’t I made sure they did carved banged cut sliced dispatched tromped punched forced made each moment count climbed up by my boot straps over anything that was in my way took every opportunity to better myself to look better than anyone else out shone all the others cast them in a bad light made sure all the mistakes were their’s never mine I never made a mistake not me didn’t need to learn that way learned from the mistakes of others profited from the mistakes of others took no credit for their work no not me did it all on my own made my mark made every minute count made all the right moves took the steps that brought me to here didn’t rely on anyone but my self my own sweat blood and tears well not so many tears it was easier than I expected in fact it was a piece of cake a walk in the a park simple as pie easy as putting on a shoe and here I am the tops the gleaming summation of all that has gone on before me now life stops oh you didn’t know that now that I’ve achieved perfection there’s nowhere for life to go why bother no need to experience the great experience is over and it was my success a stunning success I am the proof of the pudding the taste of excellent the one true leader there’s no need for life to continue now is there? I am the one  the only and all that ever needs to be so just pack up all your expectations surrender give up   give in there’s nothing to fight nothing to prove nothing left at all expect perhaps to thank me I’ve saved you all of  you from ever having to do anything ever again from the whipping post of more futile gestures no need to pretend to any sort of creative vision  of spiritual purity none of those are needed so climb down from moral superiority there isn’t anyone more moral ethical  kind   considerate so just relax take one last breath the dream is over don’t wake  don’t sleep just enjoy the vision of this ultimate climax this endless moment of true fulfilling perfection you can let go let go of everything because I am shining I have made the grade made the most of everything you offered avoided all the pitfalls that kept you from success that kept you mired in your human frailties in your mind numbing emotional morass in the fetid pit of sexuality in the endless striving to get out of what you couldn’t escape but you did give me traction you did give me the final toe hold boost up and over that brought me here to the pure vista of forever I am all that I am thanks you you now go away so I can enjoy the clean air the superior view the fruits of my hard work let me put my feet up take my own deep breath and see what there is to conquer next there is always more or is there

stairs2 you spot it you got it

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