Danse Macabre

Leonard Bernstein is next on my classical shelf – as a conductor. I transferred two of his Lps: Favourite Overtures & For Young People – both collections of, as you might guess, warhorse classical music. Warhorses are pieces that turn up time after time as starts to concerts.

SAM_2209ode to a hatless head

These were two of my favourites from my parents collection, then I bought my own copies, that introduced me to bombast. It was on Favourites that I first realized that the Long Ranger Theme was but a small part of Rossini’s William Tell Overture.

SAM_2211 just the cold fax

These are cases of composers reduced to their biggest hit. What else did Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold write besides the Zampa Overture? Or Paul Dukas do beside Sorcerers Apprentice? One hit wonders till one does some research into their careers. In the case of those overtures who listens to those operas?

SAM_2208 chip off the old block

I have done a bit of the seeking and have to say that Rossini’s String music is amongst my favourites. Saint-Saëns wrote more than the Danse Macabre, I found more by looking for more like Danse from him – Carnival of Animals, anyone. But of Franz von Suppé or Ambroise Thomas I have enough of on this CD.


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a slam
door car brakes
a slam
dunk double time
ripple crowd the wave
a slam
loud hard flat
then reverberations
floor through sole of foot
up through chest
chin vibrations
deep stomach pit
a slam
window glass shatter
a shout a cry in the wilderness
eye flutter caught on tape
the slam
of a mouth opening and closing
the bite click of teeth
finger nails on a lunch counter
beds squeaks at midnight
rocking horse gentle
impossibly wide
a laugh
a slam a shout
hand claps
all hands
air trumpet ripped ripe
blossoms bursting open
not quite silent pops
as Spring makes
senses dance
nature give us the go ahead
the great good morning
I know is under there
under the snow
the leaf burst awaits
the longing for it lingers
the slam
a shout a hand clap
fingers snap
string stretched taut plucked
puckers up for finger kisses
to bring sweet sonority
to drown the snores
of the street
to ample bustle of crowds
feet on the sidewalk
scuff shuffle along
coughing hacking sneezing
symphony of ailments
breathing in the air around me
around each other
sniffs silent stares
gathered dispersed
where is that noon crowd now
the empty tracks dismal streets
the crush of ice under car wheels
the only game
the slam the shout
the hand clap
cough cough cough
building slow but sure
to a momentum
a movement
we have something under our layers
peel them away melt them off
roots begin to show
ready for showers of affection
or willing ripe timid
are you following the stream
the ripple thunder
the sound of music
and the silence of after
the rapture of completion
and the initial sizzle of concept
all catapulted
into the mind
finds what the sense needs
even when one is acting
without the other’s knowledge
the slam the snap
the table top tip tap
low hum of wind through a tunnel
the air rush
the sting thrum hum
the voice that merges emerges
nearly on top of
in the midst of all
the rush tumble
friction flight
to work to home to bed
to wake up
the foot fall stair creak
each the moment’s note
each the spiritual hymn
the body sings to existence
the the opportunity of being
entering into
playing a part
the tribal tide
that seeps into our blood
before we are even conceived
before we are ready for that first
smack on the butt
to open the lungs
the slam
into life

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