Everyday Viral

Roller Coaster is another of the Make Spoken Word Go Viral prompts – to write something inspired by a painting – as I was thinking ‘Everyday’ came up in my iPhoto screen saver program – random images come up every five or six minutes. How clear a sign do I need?

map you are here

During poetry month last year I was ‘triggered’ to go into my past & dug out a folio of several old paintings I had done in the mid-70’s. I wrote about some of them then (links at bottom of post). In 2013 I managed to do a poem & photo, a day – this year not so good. But good enough for me too.

I did dozens of these paintings – in very thin fast drying latex. Gave many of them away as gifts, one to Malcolm Ross at Dalhousie who helped get book of poetry published but later opined that coming out wasn’t suitable material for the market.

ufo lights in the sky

‘Everyday’ as a title is a reference to Buddy Holly’s song with the line ‘going faster than a roller coaster.’ The image has elements that I worked with often – the playful gods, the red guitar, the ocean, mountains & nods to real works of art (crows over cornfield).

cutdown sawed off

I mention my only real memory of working on the painting – creating the trellis – otherwise that’s it – my frame of mind, intent are in that paint brush. I did have a fascination with mystery, with making the viewer find a story within a surreal landscape.

loy hard work at Loyalist


Roller Coaster

careening though the air

it starts off side

continues to the other side

whips around up and down

past the mountains

the sea

the crows over corn field

the daily gods

cling  wave  as the cars

speed past my eyes

speed out of the paint brush

stopped for that moment

but never fully stopped

on this reckless wreckless

escape from reality

into a hyper lack of reality

a journey

the painter never could make

flat full colours

vivid after al these years

a slippery moment of my past

me being that painter

that man

with the need to careen through a life

wheels firmly attached

to the roller coaster track

yet fearful of flying into the

great big blue sky

I remember the effort

to construct that trellis

the deliberate nod to the crows

the red guitar

the gods odd symbols that

sprung from me

spoke to me of a mystery

I’m still trying to solve

of a ride I’m still on

no matter how still I seem


Links to April 2013 Viral prompts poetry posts






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