Pussycats and The Animals

Thanks to Russ Meyer & Fellini I love big boobs! I have a sense of what breasts can do the creative focus of some men: cameras angled at nipple level as if the big bosom was being looked at on the sly by a twelve year old boy.

legs man crushers

I mention this because I’ve just read Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Cultographies) by Dean DeFino (which owes a lot to Big Bosoms and Square Jaws by Jimmy McDonough). Dean clearly loves cult films and explains their appeal in a readable understandable way. But I only read this to see what he had to say about Tura Satana & her Varla performance.

elephant hung like a trunk

He gets everything pretty much right. He felt the same disappointment I felt when Varla dies at the hands of the banal. He does miss, for me, the fact that Tura’s performance is so real the flatness of the others is hard to miss. A great book for fans, or even non-fans, of Meyers, cult films & kick-ass women.

stags nice pair

At the same time I was reading Animal Tracks (Updated & Expanded) by Sean Egan. A fascinating look at the career & recordings of The Animals. No surprises – the band was used & abused by bad contracts, management & each other. One of them bolted when he got his first royalty money so he wouldn’t have to share it with the band. etc etc.

The break up of the original Animals was ‘creative conflict’ due the fact half were boozers & the other half acid heads. Eric, as the later lps clearly show, was of the acid head persuasion. They didn’t do a lot of original material till after the break up. A great book, detailed and fair minded. I might argue with some of Sean’s opinions but mine are filtered through the lens of nostalgia. He’s clearly not a fan of Eric’s ‘spoken word’.

socks socks knocked off

Both are books I’d highly recommend even if you aren’t a fan of Meyer or The Animals as they give a great look at the cultural times & are written by writers who enjoy their subjects & aren’t afraid to let that show or allow their love keep them from being rational. Both are the sort of books I would have written given the opportunity.


June 5-7 – attending – Capturing Fire – Washington DC



(2015 registration posted but details not posted yet. I’ve registered already 🙂 )



Mommy’s Boy



if I’d known

that your mother recently died

I probably wouldn’t

have made that silly remark

about dying parents

waiting till their money ran out

before kicking off

it was unfeeling of me to say that

death doesn’t cut apron strings


I wouldn’t have been so callow

if I had known you were

on the point of acting out with me


I didn’t mean to imply

that your kind of love

was shallow

or that you didn’t love your mother

as much as anyone

usually loves their mother

or that I was not feeling your sorrow

or your frustration

but if I had known

you needed a grief fuck

I’m sure it would have made a difference

I know there’s no way

to make it up to you

and you wish I’d just shut up

and stop going about it

because each word

only reminds you of your sense of loss

of those final moments

in the hospital room


and when I said

you should just get over it

I wasn’t talking

about you personally

it was one of those remarks

not directed at anyone

but you were still so raw

so in need of sexual comfort

you felt it aimed right at you

and I don’t know how

to shut myself up either

because I really do feel terrible about it

and I wouldn’t treat you like that



if you want more than a shoulder to cry on

you can cry all over me

we can go back to my place

I know how hard loss can be

even if unwittingly made light of it

in a thoughtless cruel way

I can prove it to you

though my place is a bit of a mess

it won’t take us long to clean it up

it’ll give you something to do

to take your mind off your loss

laundry change the sheets pick up some groceries

that sort of thing

it’ll be fun

no I don’t mean fun

or we could back to your place

your mother always kept it spotless

the fridge was always full

like I’m not going to be put off

I’m willing to put up with that

if I see I’m getting what I want

which is to see you feeling less isolated


I don’t think its a good idea for you to be alone

we could snuggle up and watch a movie

whatever you want

just so long as you don’t hold it against me

what I said

earlier about even when mommy dies

a mommy’s boy is never free


Look out! Varla’s gloves are off

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