The Ambitious Couch


The Ambitious Couch


A couch, like ambition, is most exciting when new.

A couch, like ambition, often hides its old springs under new upholstery.

Ambition, like a couch, ambition, needs to be replaced when it sags in the middle.

A couch, like ambition, is often worn out only in one spot.

A couch, like ambition, should be able to hold more than one butt.

A novel, like ambition, should allow for comfort in the long stretch.

A couch, like ambition, should face in the direction that offers the best view of what lies ahead.

A couch, like ambition, is as strong as the springs that support it.

A toaster, like ambition, should be cleaned every now and then.

A plot, like ambition, shouldn’t be thrown out because of a few worn spots.

A lover, like ambition, comes in many forms but serves the same purpose.

A story, like ambition, should be short enough to hold all that needs to be held.

The best couch, like ambition, should never be outgrown.

Ambition, like a plot, is always ready to give support no matter what the circumstances.

A couch, like ambition, can hide the mice of doubts.

A couch, like a lover, often has hidden treasures between the folds.

A couch, like a novel, shouldn’t take a genius to use it.

Ambition, like a face, always lasts longer with simple care.

A lover, like ambition, works best with its back against the wall.

A blow job, like ambition, can all too often be a place to hide to avoid life.

A couch, like a nightmare, has its feet planted firmly on the ground.

A couch, like a lover, allows for rest while supporting you without question.

A plot, like a lover, doesn’t give up hope just because you have a new one in mind.

A couch, like ambition, doesn’t take up all the space in the living room but shares it with other ambitions and furniture.

A couch, like a lover, doesn’t stop just because it takes life lying down.

couch01 couch curbed

In an early draft of this piece “A couch, like ambition” is how each of these saying started. It was an exercise in giving an inanimate object an abstract quality in a didactic way. Sort of a list poem, but one in which I made no attempt to create a story line.

In this recently revised version I played with the nouns – changing ‘couch’ ‘ambition’ into other entities to see how sound the various sayings would remain.

chair recliner declined

It became an example, to me, of how little and yet how much language matters when trying to make sense of something. How what one say may or may not be understood regardless of how one says it.

This was first written in 1999 and remained unseen until recently as I excavated through old discs to see what was there. Because of formatting changes, equipment limitations I was only able to open about a third of my old discs. Those that I could open often the files couldn’t be read, even by TextEdit – so I scrapped them! That’s right I threw writing away. Old journals have bit the dust & man, did it feel good to let go of the past.

couch02 couch trashed

A couch, like a ambition, when made obsolete must make room for the new.



sofa cold couch



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