‘Hangin’ On The Telephone’

Queue jumping again for Pride I’ve pulled one of my mp3 compilations off the shelf. Filed under Tom Robinson it includes:  Tom Robinson Band ‘TRB Two’ ‘North by Northwest; Jobraith ‘1973’ ‘Creatures of the Street, Pigeon;  Bronski Beat ‘Age of Consent’; Jimmy Summerville ‘Suddenly Last Summer’; Limpwrist.

pinka pop of color

Robinson made a splash way back in the early 80’s, then got married, to a woman, & settled down to family life & became less of a gay political. His first couple of Lps were great fun – sort of a gay Joe Jackson.

white ice water blues

Limpwrist are a queer thrash metal band – very aggressive, fast & grating. Jobraith is the opposite. I remember reading a review of his 1973 lp in Rolling Stone in 1973 but having no way of buying it. When I got finally high-speed internet I did search for some queer music & found three of his. Touted, at the time, as an out Bowie his career never flourished. Wikipedia tells the rather sad story well.

The music is great though. The lyrics are campy and clearly about gay social life, if not emotionally charged they aren’t cloaked either. The music is more Stones that Bowie, more art rock that hard rock. Jobraith has a good pop voice. There is place in gay pop history for him that for some reason Bowie overshadows.

red after the party

Dance music gave gay musicians a place to flourish that wasn’t in rock. One of the best was Bronskie Beat – Summerville’s falsetto is often fever pitched, the lyrics are direct, if not sexually out there, they are politically out there. I remember first dancing to this stuff & feeling on top of the world. ‘Suddenly …’ his solo cd is superb as well. Cover versions that are sublime and his take on Blondie’s ‘Hangin’ On The Telephone’ will break your heart.

For a real history lesson http://thehoundblog.blogspot.ca/2009/06/billy-wright.html





getting head

I’m getting ahead

moving up

soon top of the heap

for that breath taking view


I can see forever

I can see my next house from here

the view  the expanse

the cold bracing air

the first and second

the one and only

yes  made it finally

not quite king of the world

too much responsibility

but here I am

at the peak of my form

top of my game

no further to go

dreamed it  imagined it

made it  reached it

manifested all the little bitty details

into the crowning moment

the crown of creation

yes that’s me

the bright boy

the blazing pinnacle

of everything I’ve learned  breathed for

everything my parents prayed for

all the pieces falling into place

I made sure they did

carved  banged  cut  sliced

dispatched   tromped   punched   forced

made each moment count

climbed up by my boot straps

over anything that was in my way

took every opportunity

to look better than anyone else

out shone all the others

cast them in a bad light

made sure

the mistakes were their’s

never mine

never made a mistake

not me

didn’t need to learn that way

learned from the mistakes of others

profited from the mistakes of others

took no credit for their work

no not me

did it all on my own

made my mark

made every minute count

made all the right moves

took the steps

that brought me to here

didn’t rely on anyone

but my self

my own sweat blood tears

well not so many tears

it was easier than I expected

in fact it was a piece of cake

a walk in the a park

simple as pie

easy as putting on a shoe

here I am

the gleaming summation

of all that has gone on before me


now life stops

oh you didn’t know that

now that I’ve achieved perfection

there’s no need for life to go

why bother

the great experience is over

it was a success

a stunning success

I am the proof of the pudding

the taste of excellent

the one and true leader

there’s no need

for life to continue now

is there

I am the one  the only

all that ever needs to be

so just pack up all your expectations

surrender  give up  give in

there’s nothing to fight

nothing to prove

nothing left at all

expect perhaps to thank me

I’ve saved you   all of  you

from ever having to do anything ever again

no more futile gestures

no need to pretend some sort

of creative vision

of spiritual purity

none of those are needed

so climb down from moral superiority

there isn’t anyone more moral

ethical kind considerate

than me

so just relax

take one last breath

the dream is over

enjoy the vision

of this ultimate climax

this endless moment of true

fulfilling perfection

you can let go of everything

I have made the grade

made the most of everything you offered

avoided all the pitfalls

that kept you from success

that kept you mired

in your human frailties

in your mind numbing emotional morass

in the fetid pit of sexuality

in the endless striving

to get out of what you couldn’t escape

but you did give me traction

you did give me the final toe hold

boost up and over

that brought me here

to the pure vista of forever

I am all that I am thanks you


now go away

so I can enjoy the clean air

the superior view  the fruits of my hard work

let me put my feet up

take my own deep breath

see what there is to conquer next

there is always more

or is there

bleak as far as the eye can see


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