Cherish Is The Word

The Association was one of those 60’s bands no one admitted to liking but which had several massive hits. They were a rock variation on the New Christie Minstrels. A choir that played rock instruments. Thick, lush, sometime overly sweet harmonies, sweeping arrangements & politics that offended no one, even when they sang about hippie culture.

couch cold couch

I was fan but never let on – The Rolling Stones were cool, The Association were too commercial & therefore very unhip. I have Greatest Hits!; plus on a mp3 collection: … along comes/ Birthday/ The ‘Stonehenge.’ The hits are here in context. The studio work on these is astonishing, trippy & best heard in a car with four speakers. Cherish always brings back memories. ‘Stonehenge‘ is my name for the lp with their name in a stone letter circle a la Stonehenge.

They slip out of radio pop & into vaudeville, music hall, barber shop & even country at times. Not a band that’ll ever be remembered for the depth of their lyrics & one who knew that the studio engineer was one of their best friends. Also Hawaiian Larry Ramos was one of few visible non-white, non-black popsters I was aware of at the times.

snow snow person deconstructed

Also on the mp3 cd are: The Box Tops: The Collection/ Best of – those hits hold up, wicked sitar & a fine cover of Whiter Shade Of Pale;  PF Sloan: Songs of Our Times – hey, here’s folk rock protest from Cali by a name lots of heard by a musician very few have heard (he wrote, amongst others: Eve of Destruction, Secret Agent Man)

drawers the clip board makes it officially cold

John Fred & His Playboy Band: Agnes English/Permanently Stated – I found the vinyl of Agnes years ago & have treasured it – Judy in Disguise – solid late 60‘s pop/soul with great horns; The Sonics: here are – some thrashy surf music; The Charlatans UK: Some Friendly – bit more modern, if the late 90’s are modern 🙂 fun British dance music with tasty organ work. I cassette a played to bits then replaced thanks to iTunes.

soon02 August 28-31 – attending – FanExpo Canada


October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Welcome to Lake Pinebow


sample I thought this old piece about a spat over air conditioning would be perfect for this hot, hazy days.



‘Keep that window closed.’

‘It’s suffocating in here. Trish.’

I knew this would happen when I opened one of the small windows.

Trish had a thing about air. She hated it.

‘Do you realize how much it costs to air condition this place? Do you.’

‘Twelve cents?’

‘I’m serious, you asshole. When you open a window you seriously compromise the ability of the a/c unit to do its job. It stops functioning at top efficiency.’

‘Then turn it off. If we open the windows here and  the ones over there, we will have a cross current that will circulate fresh air in and keep us cool at the same time.’

‘AIR! AIR! From outside? Are you our of your mind? Do you know how polluted that air is?’

‘No more than this a/c crap you think is so good for us. How many of us have come down with colds this past month?’

‘Better colds than … than … than … I don’t know what that air does but it isn’t pretty. So shut that window right now.’

‘And if I don’t?’

‘I’ll put you down on the report as being uncooperative, of being counter productive to the good of the project and get you bounced.’

‘Good! Do that. I’d rather be bounced out of this hole anyway. If I knew it was that simple I would have opened that window sooner.’ I walked over the another of the small windows and popped it open. Then to another.

Sounds from outside could be heard. Walking. The low mutter of voices.

‘Close …. those …. windows ….. now.’ Trish said each word slowly. ‘I will not repeat myself.’

‘No.’ I breathed the air that had come into the room. The icy chill of the a/c air was tempered by the warmth of real air. ‘It might do you a little good to enjoy reality.’

‘It will not.’ Trish clutched a handkerchief over her mouth and nose. ‘You want us all to die? Don’t you? Is that it? IS that IT?’

‘It’s just air. Look, not all of us like that a/c air. We don’t mind a little of the real thing.’

‘Close … ‘ Trish coughed and couldn’t stop. Her face flushed red and she sank to the floor. ‘Please … ‘

‘Don’t be so melodramatic.’ I opened the remaining windows. As air from outside came in the a/c unit hummed louder to adjust to the rise in temperature.

‘How do you turn this off?’ I nudged Trish with my toe. She was gasping. ‘The a/c I mean.’

Her eyes bulged as her distended tongue rolled around across her lips. ‘Please…’

‘Oh if you are going to such a suck about it.’ I began to shut the windows. ‘We’ve had enough of real air.’

 sqcold squared 

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