C**k #Blocked

The nature of online ‘dating’ norms changes so rapidly I’m not sure if it’s possible to create a nettiquette guide. I can only speak of ‘gay’ male sites (some of which have a fair number of ‘straight’ men looking for action).

sofa one way of getting those legs in the air

Over the years I’ve been on several but reduced the ‘work load’ to  one in particular. I’ve made my profile wants pretty clear. My photos are explicit enough to draw attention. My details, as far as I can tell, leave no doubts as to my play boundaries and my nearest intersection. In fact that location is one of the first ‘reveals’ – don’t chat ten minutes then ask where I am & say ‘ooh that’s to far.’

If they ask where I am I know they haven’t read my profile & my interest will vanish rapidly. Thanks to my clear profile data my success rate is about .5% – rarely meet guys but at least I’m not wasting my time  while being ignored 🙂

head the elusive good head

On this ‘dating’ site one can see who looks at you, often while they are checking your profile – the intent is that then you can look back. Sometime when I get these looks, when I look back I’ve been blocked already – what gives? I’ve blocked a few guys who were persistent with stuff I already declined – no means no – but at least I gave them the opportunity.

soup ready to be of service

Often these already-blocked-me guys are guys I might not be interested in anyway Too young (i.e. under 30) or too pretty.  I suppose it’s a matter of control for them. But if you knock on someone’s door why run away before they answer the knock? Such is life.



The Cloud of Knowing


hello everybody

I love you

that’s right

I love you

each and every one of you

that’s right

you heard me correctly

I love everything about you

I can’t be serious – you think –

but I am

I mean exactly what I say


hello everybody

I love love love you

but I don’t know you – you say –

I love you

because I don’t know you

I don’t want to hear anything about you

not even your name

keep that personal stuff to yourself

it always gets in the way of lasting love

such knowledge creates expectations

expectations that cloud love


I hate clouds

no matter how white and fluffy

so just accept my love

that’s all I want

you don’t even have to acknowledge it or return it

don’t even have to feel it

let it be the only connection between us

unencumbered unconditional love


hello everybody

I love you and you and you

reddoor knock knock


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