Cheek To Cheek with Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire is next on the pop shelf – the perfect follow up to Arctic Monkeys, right 🙂 I have four CDs all Lp transfers, which, in some cases, are already soundtrack transfers. A bonanza of nostalgic 30’s, 40’s musicals. Fred got to sing songs that have become standards and symbols of the era: i.e. Cheek To Cheek, Top Hat. I could list all the tracks.

drawers by their drawers shall ye know them

His voice was serviceable & pleasant, he was never pushed beyond his vocal or emotional range. In fact I thinks it’s the ironic counterpoint of his slightly detached style verses the emotional content of the lyrics that gives many of these tracks their lasting appeal. He’d never make it on The Voice – no emotional fever pitches in any of his vocal performances. The tracks even include some demonstrations of tap rhythms as he explains different tempos, styles and phrasing. Thank God he wasn’t a typist.

coat this coat is so trashy

I’ve never ‘taken’ to him on the screen. Inoffensive and, to me, nearly sexless. Sure he gets the girl but I can not picture what they do in bed or even what the gal sees in him. Unlike say, Gene Kelly, who I can feast my eyes on on, or – Roy Rogers (another screen crooner) who could lasso me anytime for some bronco busting bedroom rodeo fun. But Fred? Nope. Too sophisticated for me.

wreath winter wreath

Also tucked in with these is an Lp of 30’s MGM musicals moments: By A Waterfall, My Forgotten Man etc. that reminds me that Fred didn’t get all the good songs. Plus the natural successor to Fred: Willie Nelson’s Stardust.


August 28-31 – attending – FanExpo Canada

expo hair orange you glad to be here?

October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Pinebow pine2




Carl paced the musty motel room. He glanced at his watch and then peeked out through the smoked-stained slats of the Venetian blinds. A knock at the door startled him.

“Who is it?”

“Who do you think?”

With a sign of relief he opened the door to let in Carol. He embraced her with a hunger that she responded to.

“Carol, I thought you’d never get here.”

“Neither did I. I couldn’t shake off my …” A knock at the door stopped her fingers as they undid the buttons of her blouse.

Carl peeked out through the blinds quickly. “My God it’s your …”

“Open up.” The knocking got louder. “I know you’re in there. Now open that door.”

Carol re-buttoned her blouse. “What should we do?”

“Open up this door right now.”

“I’ll hide under here.” Carl dropped to the floor and crawled under the bed.

Carol tucked in her blouse, patted her hair and opened the door. “Why, Greg? What brings you out here?”

“Mom, I followed you. What are you doing here?”

“Nothing. I … uh … just wanted to get away.”

Greg pushed his way past her and sat heavily on bed.

“Ooof.” Came from under the bed

Greg jumped up and glared at his mother as she rubbed her stomach as if she had somehow made the noise. Not fooled he dropped to his knees and looked under the bed.

“Well, well. I thought you wanted to be alone. Come out from there Dad.”

Carl stood painfully and bushed dust from his pants.

“It’s not what you think son.”

“Don’t give me that Dad! This is where you’ve been slipping off to. Doesn’t look like a Lion’s Club meeting to me.” Greg sat heavily on the other bed.

“Ooof.” Came again from under the bed.

Stunned Greg and Carl looked to Carol.

“Come out.” Carol said with a shrug.

“Well, Greg I never expected to see you here.”

“Susan?” Greg sat on the armchair, afraid to sit on the bed again.

“She was here to talk about you son.” Carol began to explain.

“She was? What about us …” Carl broke in.

“Yeah! What about you and Dad?’

“Heck son. Every now and then your father and I, well, we sneak off to get away from you kids.”

Further explanation was cut short by a knock on the door.

Carl peeked out.  “My God! Hide.”

Carol, Susan and Greg shimmied under the beds only to find there was only room for two. Greg ducked in to the closet. only to find Bev hiding there.

“Bev? Not you too!” Greg stepped away from the closet.

“Bev?” Carol looked out from under the bed.

“I arrived just before Susan and didn’t have a chance to …”

Rapid knocks at the door interrupted Bev’s explanation

“Open up. I know you’re there Debbie.” An increasingly angry man shouted. “How long do you think you can keep running away from me like this”

“Debbie?” Carol, Carol, Greg, Susan and Bev answered as one.

“You called?” the bathroom door opened and a motel maid stepped out.

She glanced around the room. “I’ll bring more towels.”



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